A crash course on the three types of mammal births


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My favourite monotreme is the Platypus. Lays eggs, Suckles its young. Cute as a bug. Here seen on the now defunct 20 cent coin.


There have been minor tweaks, and a number of commemorative 20cent pieces, but that design is still pretty much the same one minted in 2016. Neither the 20cent coin, nor the design are defunct.


You know, got to confirm (after quick check in pocket) you are right. Seems I only pay attention to brass these days. BTW I think that this is a (wavy baseline) 1966 model rather than the 2016.
The other monotreme, the 5 cent coin (echidna) has been mooted for the chop for some time. A shame to see the 1 and 2 cents go. Seems like we can only count these dudes electronically - they can have no physical manifestation.


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