A delightful folk-pop song about having sex with Cthulhu

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Given the (apparently unrelated) graphic, I was expecting something a little more… charming.

May I suggest


Oh, please nobody bring this to the attention of Charles Stross. I don’t want him getting any more warped novel ideas, i still haven’t recovered fully from reading Equoid. Or do i… :smirk:

It’s so strange how someone as violently racist as HP Lovecraft continues to be celebrated today. He defended and encouraged lynching (he said the white minority in the south needed to use lynching because the law would not protect them against the N-'s), said black people were created by the gods as being in-between humans and animals (in his story, "On the Creation of N-s), openly expressed his love for Hitler, said only pain comes from intermarriage of races… etcetera…

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