A detailed look at how US police forces collude with spy agencies to cover up the origin of evidence in criminal cases


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/09/foxes-in-henhouses.html


So…that guy with the tin foil hat was right all along.
Do they sell those things at a store somewhere? Or like, is there patterns available?

Asking for a friend…


As a Law Professor once told me, never, ever talk to the Po Po. It’s your Right to remain silent.



My gosh, police covering up for other police? How can this be?

Remember when the idea of a dirty cop was a shocker?


One of the things I long to see is every cop involved in these trials going to jail for long prison sentences.Perjury comes to mind, but I’m sure one of the civil rights act offenses could easily apply.


Nooo? The list of bullshit police shenanigans used as justifications for searches and arrests is very, very long and goes back to the beginning of policing under a constitution (as before constitutions, you didn’t need the pretext). Certain populations have always known about this, intimately.


“Congress should…”

Well, there’s your problem.


So the idea is to pass a law saying that this illegal activity is illegal and that the police are now to begin telling everyone when they do this illegal thing instead of continuing to cover it up like they always have? Yeah, that’s gonna work.


­ Nope.


Yeah, it shouldn’t be a surprise and it certainly isn’t new. It crops up frequently as a story line in TV cop shows. Cops learn of a crime through some information they’re not supposed to have, and then concoct a way of obtaining the same information legally. For extra drama, there’s usually a “by the book” cop who is either reluctantly brought in on the plan, or has to be kept in the dark.


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