Police accidentally record themselves conspiring to fabricate criminal charges against protester


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Shut up, they’re keeping you safe. Why do you want the criminals to win? The whole problem with this country is not enough cop-worship. In fact, they’re supposed to guarantee your freedom, so whoever criticizes the police or the state is opposed to freedom. Wasn’t that slick?


Ooops. Asses uncovered.


Shut up. I’m Black; that automatically means there’s no such thing as “safe.*”

*(Well, actually there’s no such thing, period; ‘safety’ is just an illusion we all indulge in to get through life.)


Just channeling my inner Colbert. :slight_smile:


Don’t you just hate it when that happens?


So, confidential largely-ignored out-of-court settlement and then back to business as usual, right?


Of course they fabricated charges against him. He wasn’t doing anything illegal.


Not likely - it’s the ACLU suing them, so it’s going to get publicity. Maybe the amount of internal discipline the individual cops get will be private, or they’ll get fired and have to go work for other police forces and get a raise in the process after spending a few months on paid administrative leave, but at least the deal with the city is going to be public.



While that may keep a person out of prison, it is approximately zero protection against detention, beatings, arrest, and confiscation of personal property.

Consider yourself lucky to have survived this encounter, citizen :exclamation:


It’s not the blatant, heavy-handed corrupt PDs that are shooting unarmed people and fabricating arrests are the problem.
It’s the Constitutionally-protected PROTESTING FOOTBALL PLAYERS. They don’t love America.

Some brave journalist needs to interview a PD Union spokesman and ask them for commentary on which of those two things represents a greater threat to the public.


… and it was at this moment that they realized the chaps they were wearing were in fact, ass-less.


Yep. A couple morons in Connecticut get slapped on the wrist, meanwhile the entire corrupt broken system rolls on as if nothing ever happened.


Klingons foiled again by the Picard maneuver. Brilliant! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-OPqzxpYAYJM/Uc5nAkuLCzI/AAAAAAAAP8c/kXXMrMVKSKA/w1200-h630-p-nu/picardance.gif


Cops should be licensed to practice law enforcement like being a lawyer or driving a car. Something like this should make them lose their license-- no returning to the force, no moving to a different jurisdiction, no concealed carry in your private life, you can’t even work security at the mall.


How about requiring them to simply study law? Around here at least, they don’t need to know anything about law, which I think is extremely odd for training and hiring “law enforcement officers”. Surprisingly, so many people I have talked to about this don’t understand why it should be necessary. Including an ex-in-law who has family in police who is seriously baffled as to what law has to do with policing, which he associates with being a big imposing guy who orders people to do things.


I don’t think ignorance of the law is the issue here. In fact I daresay a law savvy police force would be even more dangerous to our freedom right now.

ETA: If these officers had a better understanding of the law, they would just use that to more effectively quash protests, steal seize assets, and cover up murders. We need to make it possible to remove bad officers, not just raise the barrier for getting in.


Why you no like American comedy!?