A device for "germ-proof" kissing


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This changes everything for young people.

No longer are the cooties that girls have an issue.


A screen?! How big were germs back then?


Yeah, but the screen is way too taught. How are you supposed to engage in tonsil hockey or some frisky lip biting? There’s just no give in that thing. That device needs a rethink before I’ll buy one.


Ah, the Batman school of safe kissing!




Makes sense. How else are we to maintain germ-free adolescents?


Who needs this is that dude who was afraid to blow out his birthday candles. Buy him some condoms, too, just in case.


They should rebrand these as lip exfoliaters.



Seems more like a mood killer to me …




If you order it now, you’ll get it in time for valentines day.


If your kissing isn’t giving you a bump in oral microbiodiversity, what’s even the point?


Look, the only 100% effective prevention of cooties transmission from grils is kissing abstinence.




We need to reboot this thing – but with latex! And sheep-gut edition, for those with latex allergies!

Who wants to kickstart this shit?


That movie is so damn underrated. :grin:


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