A "Fake News Game" that "vaccinates" players against disinformation

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Well here’s another target for anti-vaxers.


Welp, I died a hero and don’t want to play again. C’est la vie.

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There are people out there spreading misinformation?? what???

These subjects (a “convenience sample”) were self-selecting and skewed older, educated, male and liberal, but “the sample size still allowed us to collect relatively large absolute numbers of respondents in each category.”

I’m a member of that group, so it’s kind of preaching to the converted. What were the results with, for example, younger and less educ

Wait. Not good enough…

Postmodern neoMarxist teachers trying to brainwash students into believing librul media lies instead of The Truth, all to make themselves millionaires!

Yes, that’ll do.


That was a fun game. I’m quite good at this misinformation thing. I think I’ll try it for real now.

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except when there are strong and fundamental differences (children do/do not need toothbrushes) that provoke emotions, and resulted from a conspiracy. This sounds more like training for tone-policing centrists. In the real world, emotions run high. With fake news, the only question is: is it true.


Another: Propaganda educational game

It was pretty fun to play through a couple of times but I was disappointed with the lack of depth. The seemed to be a pretty limited set of branches and outcomes. I was able to “win” with nearly 10k followers but I’m not sure if it’s possible to get much higher. As a strictly educational experience it was pretty neat, though.


Needs more badges:

  1. BLIND SPOT. Awarded after you rise up a storm by exposing the fact (the actual fact) that other publications do not report on a particular newsworthy event.

  2. GRAVEDIGGER. You get this badge by digging through news articles and pointing out that their clickbaity headlines are not supported by their content (or even better - that deep inside the article is a paragraph that actually debunks the headline of the article!).

  3. TIME MACHINE. Dig through past publications of a news source and compare them with the current publications. Catch them on using double standards by reporting something as bad at one point and then reporting practically the same thing as being good later on.

Propose your own badges!


I got over 11k, but I’m an evil bastard.

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As a consequence of playing this game, are you:

  • More evil?
  • Less evil?
  • The same evil?
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Darn, only 8800, I really need to work on my evil.

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