Mapping the disciplined ranks of anti-vax Twitter


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It’s about ethics choice in games journalism vaccination schedules!

Sorry… Somebody had to


You know, all that business about “receiving their marching orders and marching in lockstep” is so uselessly inflammatory. Every interest group today paints their opposition as Fascists - will we be completely desensitized to the Godwin when real Fascism shows up?


We have come to a point in the U.S. where there is neither law nor sense of ethics to protect doctors from being attacked for doing their job.

Civilization: we’re doing it wrong.


The thing that gets me is that if we imagine everything the anti-vaxxers say is true- It’s STILL a better option than letting things like measles and smallpox and polio run rampant.


I prefer to think we’ll be desensitized to Fascism when the real Godwin shoes up.


Wow, some folks are really, really determined to infect kids with deadly diseases. I guess everyone’s gotta have a hobby.


Yeah, I don’t see these tactics* as being terribly different from the recent Net Neutrality campaigns, at least in form. And the “intellectual” ground was laid, ironically, by hippy-dippy new-agers (like my mom) and libertarians teaching us (born in the 80s by parents who were young adults in the 60s) not to take any authority’s word for anything, which rides the line between right and left-wing causes. So while it’s good to know that this is an organized campaign and not spontaneous, it is a bit strange to see it painted this way. What’s depressing is that there are so many worthy, actually-fact-based, non-child-and-human-race-endangering activist movements that could use this energy and organization instead of this misinformed hullaballoo! Seriously this time, think, actually think about the children…and the adults…

*harassment could be an added flavor here…


I think that’s the whole point.


With something like this I usually assume some big money involved somewhere, but I can’t think of how not using vaccines might be traced to profits. That leads me to think more along “cult religion” lines.


Homeopathy, herbal bunk and other quackisms are a big business.


Orac knows this bunk inside out:


Yup, I mean just check out Mercola’s house


No wonder, no wonder!!!

Compare the prices at the (bottom of the) page here:

and essentially the same thing here:

I am in a wrong field…


Aren’t you pre-supposing that True Fascism will be governmental? Isn’t this post-national fascism – the bundle of rods (fasces) bound together, wielded as one, in the absence of a centralized governing body that is susceptible to having its head removed (or shot and then hung at a convenient gas-station)?





…wait, what?


I’m saying it’s here.


I propose preemptive quarantine for all anti-vaxxers.

They can all enjoy their vaccine-free paradise without being bothered by the “sheep” who prefer immunity (and reason).


Stand Alone Complexes, man. Seriously, the existence of Anonymous has proven that Masamune Shirow was correct.