Jen Psaki points out "vaccinated people want to return to some version of normal"

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We all do…

If nature agrees is completely out of out control though.

That’s the polite way to say “stop acting like children anti-vaxxers”


Hoping this “major speech” tonight is to announce a universal vaccine mandate, but I’m not holding my breath


Bullshit. If the Trump crowd wanted a return to normal, they’d accept he lost the election and get vaccinated, and stop trying to create a fascist dictatorship.


Being fucking assholes about everything from the election to the pandemic IS their new normal, IMO.


It will be until people start standing up to it, and the media starts treating it as if it’s unacceptable. Which it is. No more “both sides” bullshit. ONE side is literally attempting to create a one party state. ONE side has decided that white, male supremacy is an acceptable platform. ONE side continues to work to subvert democracy. This needs to be repeated over and over, and fought against at every turn. Doing so WORKS. It’s worked in the past and it will work again.

But not if we shrug our shoulders and just accept it. Fuck that.


Enk-wife, Enklings and I got the vax as soon as possible. Fine with a booster or yearly update. Science, it works! (bitches ahem) Dumb asses are ingesting bleach, horse dewormer and sheep drench or like Joe (Moran) Rogan loading up on steroids, antibiotics (vs a virus? sigh) and ivermectin with a side of really expensive monoclonal antibodies. But the vaccine is too risky? gtfo! And if you show up at the emergency room with COVID I hope they tell you to fuck right off as well. All in service of a slimy game show host and failed casino operator (slash mobster money laundry factory). It boggles.

Enk-wife’s employer just delayed return to office until Jan (ugh!) and said get vax’d or you will be let go. Not sure about exemptions for immunosuppressed folks or bs ‘religious’ reasons.


I don’t think the federal government has the authority to mandate vaccination. They can make it hard to say no, require it on planes and trains and federal buildings. There may be other ways, but I’m not sure what they might be.

I wish politeness worked with them. The only thing that seems to work is appealing to their selfishness by putting in place mandates that prevent them from doing what they want unless they mask up and get vaccinated. Want to have nice things? Stop being an arsehole.


They can mandate it the same way they mandated a nationwide drinking age or a universal ID (REAL ID). They just say to the states, “you don’t technically have to, but no more federal highway funds until you do.”


See the US military.


We didn’t wait for nature to get rid of smallpox for us. This is one of those situations where it’s OK to tell nature to go fuck off, we have a better idea.


Why do you hate the environment? /s


Oh, don’t take my message wrong. All the anti-vax idiots don’t really help. But I don’t live in the U.S. so I wasn’t really talking about that. Over here most people are vaccinated (though we do have our fair share of unhinged antivaxxers). But even then, with the delta variant raging and more possibly scary variants emerging in South Africa and elsewhere there is no doubt in my mind we won’t go back normal any time soon, vaccinated or not.

Considering this will probably lead to more econonic woes and uncertainty overall, this will probably also lead to en even greater increase in the amount of unhinged wackos, so probably no normality on that front either :-(.

Yeah. I do. Hospitals in my state are being put on diversion, not because of “nature” but because of ideology. :woman_shrugging:


I’ve never understood that particular ridiculousness either. People are mighty scared of ‘possible side effects’ of a well studied vaccine, but totally not scared of the (known) side effects of whatever they’ll take instead.


Yeah, that sucks big time.

Where I am, hospitals are canceling “elective” procedures again due to a surge in COVID cases (95% of whom are unvaccinated). Elective includes things like removing small carcinomas, hernia surgery, kidney stones, all kind of stuff that I’m sure the people who need it don’t feel is very “optional.”
So, yeah, we might never get back to “normal” or the before times, but we sure can do better than this!


Your sympathy is just overwhelming, truly.