Buzzkill: Fauci and others no longer discuss herd immunity. "It's off the table" says one expert

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“It’s theoretically possible but we as a society have rejected that,” said Dr. Gregory Poland, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group.

So, like ending poverty or universal healthcare or any of a number of other societal problems the solving of which would make us a better strong country, we’re going to live with Covid forever because freedom. FFS


It’ll be the same as with everything else from the deniers and sociopaths.

“What happened to three weeks to flatten the curve?”

“What happened to masks and socially distancing would reduce infections?”

“What happened to herd immunity?”

“What happened to the vaccine will solve it?”

The answer is the same for all of them - “You fuckers didn’t do any of that consistently for it to work!”

“My doctor said if I ate healthier then my cholesterol would go down, but I’ve been eating two double cheeseburgers a day and it hasn’t budged. What gives?!?”


well, SUPER. arrgh.


Fuck them, they won’t be able to go to Disneyland , then they’ll get their vaccination. Or they’ll stay in their weird little villages and nobody will have to deal with them. Basically it will get to the point where if you want to go out and do stuff you’ll need to show your Covid card and that’s when these idiots will relent unless they just move to States/counties that don’t care


Herd immunity and eradication aren’t the same things.


Ignore this and listen to this podcast instead:


The long version:

1: My doctor said if I ate healthier then my cholesterol would go down.
2: Have you been eating healthy?
1: Yes!
2: What do you eat?
1: Mostly greens, some meat, and fewer calories.
2: Really? Always?
1: Well, not always. I like to have a candy bar every once in a while. Not more than 2-3 times a week.
2: That it?
1: Sure!
2: Really?
1: Well, I mean, I like to drop by McDonalds once or twice a week, sure. And Tuesday is pizza night at our house. Always has been–family tradition is important. That’s why we celebrate it with ice cream.
2: That everything?
1: Yes. Well, no. I mean, surely I wasn’t supposed to give up scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausages for breakfast every day, right? And I can’t help it if my workplace keeps a candy bowl with those little halloween-sized candies.
2: Do you know why your cholesterol hasn’t gone down?
1: No, why?

ETA: This isn’t meant to highlight people who genuinely struggle with high cholesterol, but instead people whose profound ignorance prevent them from making any progress.


It’s not that herd immunity wouldn’t work, but rather that around 25% of Americans just don’t want to get vaccinated.

I’ve been expecting this announcement for a number of months. The Crazification Factor (AKA the Know-Nothing 27%) strikes again. The rest of us will just have to keep getting boosters to deal with whatever variants emerge from Ameristan.

For Disneyland, sure. But if they need a vaccination to fly, or to dine at a restaurant, or to go to the gym it’ll be “what about mah freedums?!” I’ll bet elements of corporate America cave to their idiocy at least as often as others remain firm. Frivolous suits about this are going to gum up the courts for years.


Yeah, red states way ahead of you there. They are bound and determined to kill the less-thans, and will make damn sure no egghead scientists with their “vaccines” stop them.

Texas Joins States Banning COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Passports’ (


Your point is 100%.

But slightly off-topic, as someone who monitors my cholesterol regularly and takes medication for it, we were never able to budge it even with extreme (vegan, 0 fats, lots of oatmeal) diets for months at a time. And when my diet sucked, it didn’t go up. I just make too much cholesterol out of whatever I eat. Meds work great though.

Now don’t get me started on triglycerides. Those snitches tell my Dr. exactly how much exercise I’ve had.


At some point, I suspect a lot more people won’t survive it. So, I wouldn’t say forever, we’re just going to live with it for much longer than experts initially predicted.


I had an old Army Doc for a GP when I was in the military. He was stationed in Panama at Fort Sherman, a no nonsense dude, but nice to fault. His go to line when someone refused an inoculation/vaccine/booster shots was to pull out this old cardboard with all these horrific photos pasted to it of Dog knows diseases/maladies to entice the wary subject into submission., “you wanna end up like this poor f#cker?” They get the shot[s], and down the road they’d go. Simpler times I guess…


angry better call saul GIF


Yeah, off topic, but hits on one of my trigger points. Cholesterol has almost no relationship to diet. Genetics, exercise and pharmacology can affect it, but not much else. You are correct about triglycerides, though. All diet, and will rat you out in a nanosecond.

Derail ends.


Yep. We’re really going to out mRNA trough its paces, aren’t we?

No, they will cater to it. They’ve proven to be an amazing source of sucker-money. How many do you want to bet are still donating to trump via that recurring payment shit he pulled?


It’s like everyone in America was assigned to do a group project and one member is so dedicated to not pulling their weight that they’re going to drag everyone else down with them.


For the past year I’ve kind of been searching my brain trying to decide what to pursue for the rest of my life, if that life has to work around the threat of infection and a lack of direct social interaction. Something that will remain viable, has some social aspects (I am a social person), but can be done in relative isolation and doesn’t have to poke the ‘mask/no mask’ divide.

Probably the most viable thing would be working a phone sex line, since being a developer is far too isolating. Any other ideas for things that the ‘brave new world’ will need?


This is the advantage we have in 2021. mRNA vaccines can be targeted very precisely and altered in a matter of days. We really do have a chance to get ahead of this bastard, but I fear what we are going to wind up with is the Red Queen Effect. Which sucks, because, once again, it doesn’t have to be like this.