All the wild anti-vax propaganda is working

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“Owning the Deep State Lib Machine by overwhelming them with us dying in record numbers.”


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The same people who claimed global warming wasn’t real are now pushing antivax conspiracies. We are all dealing with the long term effects of global warming and now we’ll all have to deal with endless COVID variations too.


…yeah, the consequences of their actions will not be limited to just them

This infectious disease researcher put it nicely:



“They can then go door to door and take your guns! Then they can go door to door and take your Bibles!”
-Congressman Madison “Sex Offender” Cawthorn


I look forward to watching the CDC dart the unvaccinated from helicopters like we do when tranquilizing wildlife.


The problem here is that vaccination has become tied to political identity.

There must be a few people in the Venn diagram of Trump supporters and vaccine advocates, right? As much as I hate to say it, getting those people to stump for jabs is the only way to turn the tide - but it’s very likely that they won’t for fear of being ostracized by their political tribe.


I just have to say, that I was shocked to look at the numbers from here in Spain (where a 5th wave is taking off) and see that vaccination rates here (where vaccine availability is still really limited and restricted) are now passing the US. Pretty soon the EU as a whole will do the same.

That’s infuckingcomprehensible to me after months of watching, waiting for my shot, and cheering the vaccination success in the US.

Sorry, I just don’t get it.


For whatever it is worth, most of us do not get it either. The epidemic of groupthink stupidity is going to cost more lives than Covid ever could.


“Let them die” isn’t the most desirable outcome, but it seems to be the only one they are going to let happen. There are three options I can see:

  1. Let them die, and put everyone who can’t get a vaccine at risk.
  2. FORCE them to get vaccinated, which will most likely result in Civil War 2, or at least give them conspiracy fodder and persecution complex validation for centuries to come, while also opening the road for the government to force people to do much less benevolent things once they’re back in power.
  3. Change their minds. How?? Change the minds of people who are literally willing to die rather than listen to established scientific facts or do anything that might benefit “the wrong people”. Good luck with that. As far as I’m concerned this is, infuriatingly, the least plausible option. They’re gone.

If anyone has better ideas, I’d love to hear it.


I’m fully expecting we’ll find evidence of deliberate efforts to increase the spread of COVID so conservatives can then blame Biden.

After all, they thought the virus was a hoax created to screw Trump.

(and someone will reply with a link to months old evidence in 3. . . 2. . . 1. . . .)


Maybe somebody needs to start blaring about “the vaccine Trump developed”.
Or maybe we need to stop avoiding Civil War 2 by simply surrendering on everything the Confederates want.


#2 is easier when soft pressure is applied. Such as companies requiring vaccination to work in the office, public schools requiring vaccination, requiring vaccination to be seen at hospitals…

Essentially make it easy to winnow out the true nutjobs from those who are likely to bend if the situation suits them.


Well the good news is that they don’t believe in evolution either!


As much as I don’t like the idea of having to constantly show a vaccine card in order to do pretty much anything in society (feels like a lot of potential for abuse there), maybe that’s the way to go. Of course, people are already forging vaccine cards, so that would have to be dealt with somehow. I just wonder how to get that rolling- any business that requires its customers to be vaccinated to enter, for instance, is going to be at a severe disadvantage unless all the other businesses are doing it too (not just from losing unvaccinated customers, but from people who don’t have their proof of vaccination with them because it’s not usually expected).


While I don’t have an answer, and I think you’re headed in the right direction, I’d prefer not to let the “Invisible Hand” take point on this.

When one group of citizens willingly and obtusely puts the rest in danger, the government needs to take a role, and I’m hoping we can figure that out without going too far in either direction on the libertarian <—> totalitarian continuum.


Starts with the politicians. Vote them the fuck out.

Case in point, here’s the Sen from Tenn showing her “leadership skills” in the wake of a massive vaccine disinformation campaign there:

Stoking fear isn’t leadership. It’s cowardice.


Isn’t it that Nature doesn’t care what you believe; while Science desperately attempts to explain the situation?


And vote in responsible politicians. Heck, even France’s Macron (who’s been pandering to far right to preserve his government) understands the gravity of this situation.

We don’t have politicians like that in the U.S. They’ve given up on the Know-Nothings who believe this garbage. The best American leadership can do is cry “oh noez, da moneys!” and try to make sure sane people abroad have access to the vaccines these morons are rejecting.