All the wild anti-vax propaganda is working

“More than 1 million people in France made vaccine appointments in less than a day, figures showed on Tuesday, after the president cranked up pressure on everyone to get vaccinated to save summer vacation and the French economy.”


“To get the COVID pass that will soon be required in all restaurants, people must have proof of vaccination or recent virus infection, or a negative test from the last 48 hours.”

Wow. Like this would happen in the US. /XLs


This may be an unpopular opinion and as much as I’ve disliked the last president I have to hand it to him he started, and pushed, for the vaccine. So, let’s stop pretending and just call the damn thing the Donald J Trump Vaccine. Not the Covid-19 vaccine but the DJT vaccine that was pushed and approved by DJT.

Then watch all these people actually want to get some Trump in them.


Stormy Daniels Call


Ask Mr. “Going Against Nature” if he takes any medication or if he’d get surgery if he had a medical issue or if he washes his hands before he eats food or if he uses soap to wash his hands after going to the bathroom or if his house or car have air filters or if he lives in human fucking civilization…

Human civilization is literally a subversion of “nature.” We’ve evaded natural selection for thousands of years. People are alive today who would have “naturally” died at a young age if not for all our science and technology and medicine. If you’re going to start drawing the line at vaccines as “going against nature,” you need to go live in the woods and reinvent everything on your own.


People getting severely sick visiting a store (and getting a reputation as a plague hotspot) doesn’t help business very much either.

Offices such as JP Morgan are making vaccination a requirement to going back to the office and giving pay cuts to people who still work from home who refuse one (they make exceptions to those can’t get it)


Like most things Trump has taken credit for, his role in developing the vaccine is seriously overstated. Also, he revealed a few months ago he got the vaccine, and urged his supporters to get vaccinated, and it didn’t move his supporters at all. So no, I think I’ll pass at supporting naming the vaccine after him.


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On the contrary, I think they’ve given up on the rest of us.


Time to repost this. (Rescript the speech balloons saying TB and antibiotics with Covid and vaccine. Or something like that.)


Maybe they weren’t sufficiently exposed to it. Needs to made into some sort of viral meme to infest the right wing parts of Fuckbook.

All us rational people should have it on our phones to immediately show to every vaccine resisting family member we come across. (I say ‘we’ but TBH I mean you lot in the US. This seems far less of an issue (but still an issue) here in Brexitland.)


I hear and agree with every point raised by those defending the involuntarily unvaccinated (whether due to age, immunocompromised status, or geography), as well as those whom the vaccine doesn’t fully protect against covid.

But I think there’s still a useful distinction to be drawn here: After watching the death toll mount over the last year-plus in the face of Republican obstructionism, Republican lies, and general Trumpist asshattery, I am not even a little bit interested in shedding a single tear over the covid-related death of any still voluntarily unvaccinated American. There are way too many decent human beings out there who have died as a result of this pandemic (and as a result of the aforementioned lies, obstructionism, and asshattery) to waste even an ounce of sympathy on those who can’t even be bothered to get a shot so they can protect themselves, let alone their own friends and families.


I’m not sure that anyone is being “sympathetic” to them as opposed to calling other people who would like hundreds of thousands more dead as long as it takes out a few Trump voters. It’s not an acceptable trade off and it’s not cool wishing for mass death. :woman_shrugging: Am I sympathetic? No, but wrecking our health care system further and watching more people die just to “stick to the anti-vaxxers” isn’t cool.


I’m not so sure - depends on the area and sector, but I think many dine-in cafés, salons, movie theaters and shopping centers might do fine if clients were assured that most everyone up in there was vaccinated. Of course anti-vaxx shops will make a name for themselves on social media, but they can’t necessarily make up enough of public day to day need to remove the hindrance that remaining vaccinated would confer. I’m honestly not sure how it would all play out but I wouldn’t automatically consider the vax card a loss for businesses.


If this goes on long enough, and current and future variants can be dealt with with boosters etc…, then it’s going to be interesting to see how things go when the GOP realizes that 99% of the dead nowadays are unvaccinated…

Again, the death cult is literally killing their own people with their stance, and there seems to be no shortage of fools who lap this shit up.


Unfortunately, they are also pushing for laws forbidding municipalities and business from requiring masks or vaccinations.

For example:

I predict that one-by-one, more GOP states will restrict businesses from enforcing mask or vaccination mandates on their employees or customers, forcing them to allow unvaccinated infected persons to freely spread the disease to their other employees and customers (it’s their right to spread disease after all). Which is totally different somehow from their laws allowing those same businesses to refuse service to Gays and other minority groups.

Edit: As to why they are doing this? Simple. They want people to die. It’s as simple as that. They go to their fundamentalist prosperity churches and pray for the end of the world, and they are trying bring that end here. They somehow think that God/Trump will spare them personally from death, and only kill those evil liberals who are always trying to make the world a fair, and better place.


Pay them. Money talks, bullshit walks. $2K / vaccinated person, regardless of vaccine. If the FDA/CDC/Fauci say it’s good, it’s good. For minors, money goes into a trust that only they can have when they’re not minors.

Then pay the already vaccinated $3K. Call is a reward for being smart. Call it a stimulus. Maybe next pandemic, and there certainly will be one someday, we’ll get better vaccine acceptance.

I don’t care what it costs. What will another wave, and possible shutdown cost?


I’ve a sister in law who lives in an upstate NY commune where vaccines, drinking, etc are all taboo. We asked her point blank that if the family would pay her to get the vaccine would she do it. Her answer was no.

She is no longer welcome in our home. And we will be avoiding her at all costs anywhere else.

These people are lost.


Just reflecting on how blunt CNN is being about this grifting. Genuinely putting out what needs to be said, here. I don’t usually care for cable news, but this is definitely one of the better moments.


I would have imagined that a man in a wheelchair would be more careful around slippery slopes. :wink:

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What’s missing is supplying the right incentive.
I’d start with insurance companies refusing to cover medical expenses if you are admitted to hospital as willfully unvaccinated. Advertise this and you might get a fair chunk taking the easy route vs a lifetime of crippling debt.