Americans are getting the covid vaccine in secret to avoid being ostracized by their families

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A sad commentary on the state of things in the U.S., but the important thing is that they’re getting the jab. If they need some privacy or secrecy to avoid pile-ons by their mouth-breathing, science-denying relatives then give it to them.


Rail against it in public, do it in secret; it’s the Republican Way!


And this isn’t a clue to them that they’re associating with people who don’t deserve their friendship? That something is fundamentally wrong with their political leanings? That they’re in an abusive relationship?

I hope it at least creates tiny fractures in their cognitive dissonance, fractures that continue to grow over time.

And I’m really glad they’re getting the vaccine.


Glad I left that sh*t state when I did. It’s redder than Texas. My parents are still there, Dad fallen into the Faux cult, Mom barely reining him in. They’re both vax’d, thankfully.


Yeah, St. Louis and KC are ok, but the rest of the state is just awful. it’s sad. also, i don’t miss the humidity. I have an old friend there (who’s vaccinated, so at least there’s that) who says if mask mandates come back he won’t wear one. “no more living in fear for me” he said. i said that it’s not about you, and don’t be that guy. now he’s not talking to me. sigh.


At this point, nothing surprises me any longer.



And this isn’t a clue to them that they’re associating with people who don’t deserve their friendship?

Not always an option, I’m afraid. Shunning works because often that particular social group is the only one available. Imagine a church in a remote town where the pastor and congregation have adopted anti-vax sentiments. You grew up with these people, they’re your friends and family and customers. There’s not a lot else going on for a hundred miles in any direction. Your option is to A) get the vaccine in secret and hope nobody finds out, or B) uproot your entire life, move somewhere else, and start over.


If tha’s the hill they want to die on, well, so be it.
Perhaps they might feel guilt if/when they spread it to their loved ones. I doubt it, though.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if some ratfucker spread rumors online that the loudest anti-vaxxers have themselves been vaccinated… after all, they won’t be able to prove otherwise.


Sex, abortions, drugs, being gay, and now vaccines! And Trump got his shots and didn’t announce it till weeks later.


When the human race dies, it will be because we begged for it.


It’s as if the Republican party is trying to hasten the demographic change they so dread. The only way they can win is through gerrymandering and voter suppression. Yet, if they continue to die due to self-inflicted idiocy, none of their machinations will make a darn bit of difference.


Also Fucker Calson and the rest of the Fox ghouls.


So much regard and thoughtfulness for those idiots who respect none of it and trample on common sense,


Unvaccinated against COVID-19:

  • You are 16 times more likely to require hospitalization due to COVID-19
  • You are 417 times more likely to die from COVID-19


It’s…a shot. We got lots of shots as kids? I don’t remember like being friends with someone who’s parents were crazy and pulled their kids out of schools because of ‘a shot’? wtf happened?

Call it Freedom Juice or Trump [redated], whatever it takes. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t get the shot of it was called Trump [redacted]. I’d get injected with Trump [redacted]. I can’t wait until I’m told where I can get my Pfizer Trump [redacted] booster.

[redacted] = sailors on a submarine joke, fwiw.


That’s my cynical and self preserving take; gotta outlive these greedy, selfish fuckers.


That makes me feel a little better being vaccinated. It still is going to bite us in the ass if it mutates to where the vaccine doesn’t work.


I know that there are limited options for those people. I know that if f I was dumped in a solid red small town, it’s obvious that so many topics would have to be off limits just to keep the peace that I probably would become a recluse.

What I’m saying, though, is that these are people who have been fully immersed in trumpism, but for whom the lies are starting to fray at the edges. My hope is that as they build up this recognition such that there’s a way they can start to pry themselves further away from their current 100% engagement. They probably are never going to run out and register as democrats, but maybe they’ll start critically evaluating their Q-friends who are rabidly anti-vax, and start noticing the other BS they spout.


conspiracy-obsessed Americans who see the pandemic as a political sham and are openly shunning and excluding people who are vaccinated.

I would prefer it if they were out in the open and the shunning were in the other direction, TBH. But then I’m shunning just about everyone still.

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