"Most Idahoans not wearing masks are unvaccinated. "

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I have extended family in Idaho State. No mask and no vax, they got the covid but are doing well.


Do we really expect people who cannot even be honest with themselves to do any better with others?


They’ve been living in their own private Idaho.


I know it doesn’t follow the WHO convention, but when they identify a new strain emerging from Idaho, can we call it the “potato” variant?


Of those 58% who are unvaccinated, I’d like to know how many have immunity to CV19. I don’t mean to excuse OR vilify our potato heads to the north. However I think it’s time our nation works on healing our mutual distrust of one another. I think it’s time we do our absolute best to LISTEN to why someone might not want a vaccine. Perhaps they have been exposed, developed antibodies and they simply want to “wait and see” how these new MRNA vaccines pan out over longer term.

We know these vaccines are safe in the short term but long term side effects have yet to be fully vetted.

I think we could do SO MUCH better if we acknowledged these fears as legitimate. Then start testing individuals who have NOT have the vaccine just to see if they have CV19 antibodies. IF they do, then we should be counting them as part of the population with immunity to the virus.

We should then say hey this is awesome this group has immunity through simple natural immune system reaction (which is all the vaccines do anyway right?).

IF we continue to demonize the right through self righteous behavior, then we’re no better than they are when they spout off their Christian rhetoric. We have to be more patient, understanding AND forgiving of our neighbors. We need to listen to them more and acknowledge their fears. They have been under near constant attack by their own media outlets that PREY upon their fears and exaggerate them to the point of insanity/gaslighting their average republican member.

Please I am begging anyone in the Boing Boing community or anyone that identifies as “left”, “liberal”, “democrat” etc et al… please work on your interpersonal relationships with your conservative friends. BUILD BRIDGES with them. Listen to them. FIND COMMOND GROUND.

Don’t let Trump’s horribly divisive influence linger any longer than it should in our nation. We must repair the ruin he left behind. It is going to take a MASSIVE amount of patience and understanding on the part of dems/liberals/independents in this country. We can do this. Peace, Patience, Understanding, Humility, Listening & LOVE. We can do it together!


Nope, it doesn’t work that way. Antibodies protect you from the strain you were infected with, not variants. And the virus will continue to mutate as long as there are broad swathes of the population unvaccinated.

Fuck those people who are selfish enough to defy vaccinations and then cry discrimination. Fuck those people who lie about vaccination status and walk around without masks. And fuck those people who try to create false equivalences.

Turn the other cheek is incompatible with community health.


The main problem with all your heartfelt ‘Kumbayah-ing:’


No vax? Wear a mask.

That’s as kindly as I get.

Anti mask? Stay home. They are worn to protect others. Period.


Natural immunity, close to 0%. It’s a novel virus, never before seen.

Nope. Think WE, not ME. I have lost all patience for the excuses after 15 months.

So, do nothing? Let’s all stay at home to devolve into mole people?

I understand fear. But these folk walking around unmasked are not fearful. They just don’t care.

So, they are the victims. Got it

I identify as human. There is no common ground with fascist goose-steppers



Oh, I’ll listen. But if it’s anything other than their presenting physician-confirmed evidence of a condition that precludes their getting vaccinated then that’s when I’m done listening to them. We are not obliged to listen to or humour conspiracy theorists, eugenicists, religious fundamentalists, fascists, people who place money above lives, science-deniers, and the just plain ignorant as they make their case for endangering society as a whole during the pandemic.

Making a statement of fact != demonisation, nor is it “self-righteous” to do so. The American right chooses to demonise liberals as the “reality-based community”, so they can’t complain when we accurately describe them as the opposite.

It is not our task to compromise with or find common ground with conspiracy theorists, bigots, and lunatics. Meeting an idiot or an arsehole halfway only brings one that much closer to being an idiot or arsehole oneself.

It is our task – if we choose so – to point them to resources and facts with which they can educate themselves, including the real causes of their misfortune (who often happen to be the individuals they admire the most). In my experience, they have proven themselves not only impervious but also antagonistic to being educated. I am done.

You might better address that to anyone in America who identifies as “right”, “conservative”, or “Republican” – they are the ones who are preserving the Former Guy’s horribly divisive influence long past the time they should have in our nation. To imply that people who identify as “left”, “liberal”, “democrat” are doing the same is to propose a false equivalency. There’s no patience for that here, so maybe take some time addressing your pleas to the people who really need to hear them before wasting our time with this Bothsidesist nonsense.


Double like



I am not easing my own adherence to the social and moral contract that is inherent in public life just because someone else refuses to step up and join THE REST OF SOCIETY.

These people are affecting ME, and I’m following the rules and common sense. Fuck them thoroughly with a rusty tent stake.


There are none. We know. We’ve known for months. We knew on the day they got the EUA approval.

The entire vaccine is out of your system after a few days. There’s no mechanism for it to create issues after a longer term. Issues from the first few days are likely to show in the first 3 weeks. That’s why the safety trials have some much scrutiny on anything that develops in the first 6 weeks. A large margin of error.

What we didn’t know when the EUA was approved was if there were issues that didn’t show up based on 40,000 people taking the vaccine. Something that was rarer than 1 in 40,000. Something that needed 1 in 1,000,000 or 1 in 10,000,000 before it occurred. In those first few weeks, wanting to know the 1 in 1,000,000 chances of something rare would have been a valid reason to wait.

Today, with 178,491,147 doses given in the US. We know all the 1 in 1 in 1,000,000 and 1 in 10,000,000 rare events that may occur.

If you’re waiting now because you don’t know the long term impacts and the rare chance of a 1 in 200,000,000 chance, you don’t understand big numbers. The risks from COVID to yourself and to passing it on to someone else are many orders of magnitude higher. Alternatively, you don’t want to know and it’s all just an act to justify a position.





Get the Dog damn shot already!


Idahoan here; can confirm. Because population is so sparse here, we never got very many cases in the first place. Our intense thread of nutjob-adjacent Republicans used that as an excuse to let their conspiracy theories run wild. A lot of people here genuinely don’t believe it’s even real - that the 600k+dea Americans are just “fake news” being used to “control” us somehow.

There are a lot of proudly stupid people here, I’m sad to say.