How to reduce your chance of dying from Covid by 99%? Get vaxxed and boosted

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Get vaxxed and boosted


Another reason: apparently, contracting Covid increases the risk of cancer.



The most compelling chart in the world will do nothing to change the mind of someone who believes that Covid is a hoax ginned up by the government in order to control people and inject them with 5G nano trackers.

The effort behind this statement of the obvious is genuinely appreciated. However, we’re at least 6 months past the point where we should be acknowledging that we’ve once again hit that magic number of the Know-Nothing 27% who won’t change their minds. So, once again, our focus in regard to them should shift to figuring out how best to mitigate the damage these idiots can do to the rest of us.


I’ve detailed the still-ongoing conflict with my in-laws in other comments (and the support from this mutant community has, quite honestly, been nothing short of fantastic). And that conflict has driven home the reality of this:

These people are not going to change their minds. For every chart we show them, they’ll produce one from Aunt Tilda or Uncle Bonehead on Facebook showing something else.

As you point out, we need to focus on damage control, and shame. The media needs to stop presenting these anti-vax stories, and anti-mask incidents as “another part of the story” and talk about them for what they are: a danger to the American body politic.


I got my booster this monday so i’m all caught up. Also got a flu shot, i normally don’t bother but i figured i might as well this year


I used to not bother with a flu shot either, and then ~5 years ago I got the flu and it hit me hard. And I missed my kids Daddy Daughter dance :frowning: So now I try to get it.


I’m triple vaxxed, got my flu shot and both shingles shots. Have my first pneumonia shot in the fridge and will make a Drs. appointment for next week to have that administered. Something’s eventually going to kill me but I’m damned if I’m going to deliberately increase the odds of disease or shorten my personal timeline on this planet.


Generally when i catch a cold or flu it doesn’t hit me hard, i’ve only gotten crazy sick a couple of times in the last 10 years or so. That said i am concerned that whatever flu ends up bouncing around these days might have the potential to be nastier than in the past so it can’t hurt to attempt to be prepared.



How does that work?


Based on my experience over Christmas, this is 100% accurate. I’ve never been as sick as I was and I had H191. It didn’t test as Covid, either, so I can only assume it was a flu. Once I got better, my wife has mentioned we should probably start getting the flu shot.


Glad you’re doing better! Its been ages since a flu has made me crazy sick but i’m not going to take that gamble if i can avoid it

Another thing that motivated me was that my parents are older and my younger brother who lives with them is immuno-compromised, and i should keep their health and safety in mind, i would hate to be the one to get them sick with something.


Who knows what to chalk it up to, Omicron fears, holiday travel needs, fatigue, but I was surprised to hear Psaki the other day cite the statistic that we are now at 87.5% vaccination rate among the adult eligible population (ok, at least one dose, but still, that’s a lot) and over 80% for all groups 5-18. I’m assuming at least some of this population overlaps with the 27% know-nothings. Perhaps little nuggets like this do make a marginal impact.

Either way, the fact is that the techniques being deployed are working and if it weren’t for Omicron, the view is a hell of a lot brighter than it was pre-holidays. It will take a long time to trickle out to the population and we are months of not years away from “normal”, but despite the loud, hostile minority, the vast majority of Americans are trending the right way and it’s about time we start telling that story.

Also: Not at all directed at you @gracchus. It’s always important to name the fascists and civilization destroyers, but the perhaps it’s time for the media landscape (including social) to start crowing about our successes a bit more and spend a little less time tormenting ourselves over the assholes.

ETA: It’s also worth noting that almost all of this happened within one freaking year!!! When all the dust settles, this will go down as one of the greatest medical successes in all of human history.


Just got mine yesterday. Last night was miserable, and today looks to be the same, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The vaccine is a powder in a vial; it has to be refrigerated to remain viable (my shingles vaccine was the same idea). There’s also a vial of liquid that is added to the powder, shaken then drawn back into the syringe. The shot is about $127 CDN. There is also a less effective Pneumonia vaccination that’s free. My doctor will give me that as a booster to really raise the effectiveness of the first vaccine in about 6 or 7 months.


That is the main point of one of the scientists I follow on Twitter.

One other thing to note is that the the virus was sequenced early January 2020. This could only be accomplished due to the work and cooperation of Chinese scientists. This is my standard response to my anti-vax neighbor whenever he blames the “Chinese Flu”.


Basically that’s how my vivtrol works as well. Have to take it to the Dr office top get the shot.


Yeah! That was me! I never got really sick. My theory was with my left leg being half tumor, my white blood cells have less area to patrol. (probably a silly idea).

I maybe was that sick as a kid, but as an adult was I was never knocked out so hard as I was with that flu. I dunno if I am getting old, or unlucky, or what, but I figured a chance of not having to deal with that again was worth the effort.



Yeah, nations who’ve created a bio weapon probably aren’t going to go out and warn the global community about it. Especially when they’re the hub of the world’s manufacturing and supply chain.