Kimmel rounds up doctors to give anti-vaxxers a pep-talk, and they sure don't hold back!

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Thought this was a good take. No surprise, motivated reasoning and moral hazards lead to negative externalities, so you have to make it relevant to their personal life.


Funny, but (per the execrable Michael Gove) the people who need to hear this are “have had enough of experts” with their book larnin’ and empiricism and thousands of hours of practical experience.

As always, the only thing that will change the minds of these proudly ignorant babies are going to be hard consequences. Like the spoiled toddlers they are, at first they’ll cry when they discover they can’t fly on a plane or go to certain stores or restaurants. The conservative leadership will cover them for a bit with hypocritical lawsuits trying to force private businesses to accept rat-lickers, but in the end they’ll fail.

And, of course, a lot of them will get sick and/or die. Probably whinging to the very end about their freedumbs being infringed by the medical professionals trying to save their lives.



Video link for the BBS


please listen to the people who actually know what they are talking about.


Would you ask your auto mechanic to fix a leak in your bathroom? Then don’t ask your dentist
for vaccine advice.

(Unfortunately, the venn diagram of antivaxxers and people who think back-alley Botox is a good idea is almost a perfect circle…)


I still believe we should free medical professionals from that burden…


I foolishly posted this to (ugh) FaceSpace or MyBooks or some such ‘social’ crapworking site.
Get the shots, lose the mask (in a couple weeks. mostly. maybe avoid crowds for a bit, ok?)
Was shocked and disgusted at how the anti-vaxxers were all too happy to crap all over it…

I just noticed as I rolled up my sleeve that the pose very strongly reminded me of the WWII Rosie the Riveter, so I had Enkwife take a pic and I retouched my image into a modified Rosie background. Not that I have anything against Norman Rockwell’s Rosie (she’s strong, confident, beautiful also resting her boots on a copy of Mein Kampf - just surprised they weren’t using it for toilet paper)


Best case scenario, a more lethal variant comes along that the vaccine is still able to protect against, and that 26% is wiped out by their own stupidity. In a matter of weeks the country and the world would become a much, much better place for generations to come, possibly with humanity-saving progress as a result.
Though I certainly don’t want to throw any people who genuinely can’t get a vaccine for various reasons under the bus, I have zero sympathy for the willfully ignorant anti-vaxxers. They’re murdering us all, and for literally no reason. They gain nothing.


I was thinking the other day that a scenario like this may be the only way out of COVID restrictions.

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The Kimmel piece is a missed opportunity. It’s just a hit job to call anti-vaxxers stupid. It has real doctors literally saying “we are smarter than you, so obey us.” Basically the most repulsive thing to say to the fragile, undereducated Republican.

A different approach is taken by GOP pollster Fred Luntz, who interviews a bunch of Trump Republicans:

Featured on This American Life: “The Herd”, Act II

The essential takeaway is that it takes in-person interactions with the head of the CDC, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Chris Christie’s true anecdotes of 2 relatives dying of Covid to budge these people even the slightest.

These participants say they are more interested in facts and data than emotional arguments (“Democrats deal in emotions, we deal in facts.”) And they don’t want to be told what to do: “We want to be educated, not indoctrinated.” All this coming from tribalists who deal almost entirely in emotion and have been indoctrinated to follow a golden-hued follower of Baal.


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Sounds to me kinda like the Rapture many of them are longing for.


Gotta love the criticalist (which is why I married the vet. version).


Covid herd immunity is now unlikely going to happen thanks to the anti-vaxxers



What they want are facts and data that just happen to align with all of the things that they already believe based on their own emotional arguments, and will reject anything that doesn’t align as “emotional” and “fake news.”


I sort of want a version of that cartoon where the guy talking really does look like Michael Gove.

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There is no shortage of facts and it is easy to find them even without any help or signposting. If they really wanted facts they’d have them. Denying reality because a politician said it was reality is just dumb. These people are fucking idiots and I don’t give a shit what some well-intentioned focus group concludes is the solution. Stop pandering to these fuckwits. They prefer facts not emotion? They can’t handle the fact that they are fucking ignorant, and get all emotional about it - fuck them all.


Can’t herd immunity still be reached because people may be immune when they have had Covid?