Have you had covid?

Have you had covid?

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Don’t think so, so answered no. Never had a positive test, but been thru some bad colds.


If I have, it was asymptomatic.I still protect myself mainly to protect others.


Maybe option 3: Dont think so

And option 4: I think so, but not tested


SoCal and places in the North-east US are seeing the most cases involving these subvariants. Vaccines for these won’t be available until perhaps this Fall.


Yep. Was masked, in my house, double vaxed and double boosted, and caught it, we think, from a five minute shopping trip.

Grabbed Plaxovid and had the whole metal mouth tasty thing going on. Heavy fevers and amazing fever dreams and the whole sore throats, diarrhea, and near vomiting experience.

Quite honestly, everyone’s going to get this. I did everything right and live in a high vaccinated region (80%-95% of citizens eligible, including kids now, all vaxed , boosted, etc), and still got it because someone went to the 7-11 I went to and probably passed it to the clerk who passed it to me in what was a five minute span.

I’m someone who has a job that is remote, that has the ability to order food for delivery (and does too often) and have groceries delivered. The only person I’ve been around for lengths of time longer than 5 minutes is my wife. (She caught it three days after I had it).

That’s the reality of this. It’s everywhere, vaccines help make the trip easier, but you’re gonna get this thing.


if true, still important to delay infection ( or space between infections, plural ) as long as possible. these waves of infection keep mashing healthcare workers, even now.

the best way to achieve the most good is to stick with all reasonable means to prevent infection. getting sick ( knocks on wood ) no doubt sucks individually, all of us getting sick at once sucks individually and collectively


Did you skip the mask when you went in, or did it get you even through an N95?

Hand-washing — as you know — is also very important. Depending on the type of surface it’s resting on, coronavirus can remain viable for several hours or several days.

It is not inevitable. Data (regions, areas with mandates, and rates comparisons) over the past couple of years refutes that. Before the pandemic and long before I decided to be vaccinated annually, I would get the flu like clockwork. Covid vaccinations plus mask-ups/handwashing has resulted in my not getting infected with any type of flu (or even a cold) during the pandemic. Two years. Yes, my ‘single point’ data is not meaningful, but it adds to the larger picture when comparing the totality of experiences of who comes down with covid and who does not.


I wore one of the N95s that Biden gave out in various stores through a federal fund. I was doing the 3 day rotation thing the CDC suggested. I also washed my hands after coming in , and in many cases was wearing gloves too.


I didn’t mention this, but I was handwashing and wearing medical gloves. (And have been since this thing started when I went out). Reason for this is mom has stage 4b cancer and the “call to go home” could come at any time, and it’s really important I not give the cancer patient covid. Didn’t matter. Still got it.

Absolutely. Do the best you can and try to avoid this as much as possible, it’s not fun.

But one thing I really noticed when I got COVID ,was that I was taking all the precautions (and then some) and still got it, and the response by many of my progressive friends was that I “slipped” or “did something wrong” or “fucked up.” I didn’t fuck up. Many people haven’t fucked up but still got this. The level of community transmission is SO HIGH right now that viral loads everywhere are so intensely high that even vaccinated and boosted and masked (and in my case, gloved) people are STILL going to places that are just overloaded with COVID. We need to stop blaming people for getting COVID , because it sucks ass to work my butt off to avoid it, probably overreact completely to it, get it, and STILL be insulted by friends as if I were some anti-vaxxer on the hunt for a hermancainaward for “fucking up.” Yes, those people exist, but getting COVID at this point isn’t evidence you’re a bad person, and being sick while being treated like that sucks.


We’ve been able to determine (thanks to everything you just mentioned) that while walking outside – the only time I haven’t been wearing a mask, in this heat – a guy in front of me on the sidewalk coughed once and I wasn’t able to turn away in time.

That’s it. That’s all it took. I was in southeast Asia in December 2019 and January 2020. Made it until this week, so, over 2.5 years.


Agreed, we’re well past that point, if shaming people for getting covid was ever acceptable at all.

I’ve somehow managed to avoid it myself (to the best of my knowledge) even though my whole immediate family and quite a few co-workers who share my office got it. But I know it’s only a matter of time, and I certainly don’t feel superior to anyone else about it.


Again, I totally agree with this.

Kudos to my doctor, who made a point of saying to me that I shouldn’t feel ashamed that I got it. It’s that virulent, period.


If Fauci got it — and presumably if anyone is going to follow a strict protocol, it’s him – then none of us can feel safe in our masks and hand sanitizer.


Yep. That’s all it takes. It’s that virulent, it’s that everywhere. Biden declaring victory on this before july 4 2021 and the CDC switching maps to make it look less “in the wild” basically made people think that you really have to do something dumb to get it, when in reality, it’s more out and about than it ever has been at any other point during the pandemic.


Our daughter’s husband tested positive about 4 days ago, he thinks he got it at an outdoor get together where he wasn’t masked.

Thing is, they live in a small 2 bedroom apartment, one bedroom is an office where they both work from home.

They have been slepping in separate rooms.

They haven’t been wearing masks at home because they figured it was a done deal and she would get it.

So far he’s had a fever, congestion, and coughing but she is still testing negative everyday.

So, either it’s not as contagious as we’re being told or the vaccine and booster does work or a combination of both and we still don’t understand this stupid virus.

She was supposed to take a train to Chicago to meet up with friends from various parts of the country for an outdoor concert in a few days but she’s not going because she doesn’t want to risk infecting anyone on the train.

She’s a responsible adult.

The wife and I are able to avoid people when we work and wear masks everywhere indoors or outdoors if we can’t keep our distance. 3M N95 with a surgical over the top.


Same here. I’m very careful, but i also feel lucky at this point.

Nope, can’t agree with that. I’m going to keep trying not to get it, and im going to keep believing that’s possible. I also don’t like how that sentiment makes lot of otherwise sensible people let their guard down.


Indeed. “fucked up” is not the same as “shit happens”.


Same here. I try to limit my exposure and double mask when I have to be around other people indoors and outdoors. My concern at this point is more about long COVID. Hopefully the new booster targeting the current Omicron variant will be available before my in-person gathering with extended family later this year. Many of them are in regular contact with a lot more people than I am, so I might have to mask up around them, too. :grimacing: