28m Covid shots in two weeks means a quarter of Americans now fully vaccinated

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Just got my second shot hours ago but the mask isn’t coming off any time soon.


Remember when Cadet Bonespurs said this: ‘I said to my people, slow the testing down, please’
That f’er should be behind bars, and his whole grifter family too.


Just got my first shot on Monday, looking forward to no longer being a vector.


Getting mine along with Mrs. Mangochin on Sunday. Masks will stay on in public. Its been good for my allergies anyway.

But my wife will start lose excuses for joining family get-togethers since my parents got their shots months ago. We are holding out for when my 12 year old niece gets her shots.


Can you imagine how many republicans would have gotten vaccinated if he had just gotten his shot publicly, instead of skulking around and doing it in secret, because he figured his “base” didn’t want to see him vaccinated?

That single, solitary action alone probably adds another 20,000 dead to the Covid totals. An action absolutely no one but him had anything to do with.


Getting my first tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:t4: I’m among the last group in my family to get it, and the rest cannot wait to start visiting in June. So, I’ve got 5 weeks to get mentally prepared for that…


Got my first two days ago (moderna). No real side effects except a sore shoulder, a bit of a sore stomach last night and aches in my finger joints. Last two probably have nothing to do with the vaccine.

I look forward to going back to life as normal. I want to go back to my wrestling class, which obviously I haven’t been to in over a year.

Personally, we’re fine with our kids going back to hanging out with other kids of vaccinated parents. I’ve spent a long time looking at the data, and the number of actual hospitalizations and deaths of kids are really tiny. Kids have a risk of passing it onto others, but there isn’t much of a risk to them. My personal feeling is that holding back on my kids til they are vaccinated would be condemning them to another year of separation from friends (they are both under 10, so no near horizon for vaccine approval).

However, I understand that some families will think different, and can accept that.


Sending you the virtual post shot lollipop. :lollipop:


I occasionally work at my hospital’s Vaccine Clinic. Yesterday was our second day in a new, larger space that’s not part of the main hospital building. We changed up our patient flow and also how we worked together. It came out well, and we did our usual 450+ vaccines but with a smaller staff than usual. We’re hoping that our success in the new spot will allow us to increase to 750 per day - a small drop in the national bucket, but worthy. We’re also hoping to open a no-appointment wing for walk ins in the next week or two. That’s a harder thing, bc we need to be careful not to waste any, and you don’t want to open a vail and have 1 person show up. But at the end of the day, we had 12 no-show patients. We’re used to 2, maybe 3, and have a list of folk each day who can come in asap at the end of hte day. We were shocked that a full dozen folks no showed.


After going to the effort of making an appointment? Geez.

Thank you for being on the front lines.


Two weeks at 3 megajabs per day is 42 million shots. (The actual number since April 7 is about 44.5 million.)


So did I, and neither will mine! :blush:


well, that would’ve required leadership, and he doesn’t even know what that IS.


I’ll be surprised if we ever get much more than half of Americans vaccinated.

The word in BC is that one’s Covid prevention behaviour should not change after inoculation. One can still be infected (especially by a variant), be asymptomatic, and unwittingly keep spreading the disease.

So, please, no to:

And yes to:


I am sitting for my 15 min post jab wait right now. (British Columbia - we are behind the states)


9 days until my first appointment. :alarm_clock:


Oh, my family visits (this will be the second one since last August) are masked (double-masked this year), distanced, and in well-ventilated places. We’ve come too far to risk it all now! We probably won’t see each other again outside of Zoom until next year.


My first one had light joint pain (Pfizer) but my second one had my joints all aching (especially weirdly my wrists) later that afternoon and into the next day, when I felt a bit logy too. On the plus side, I woke up the next NEXT day feeling awesome.