A family from Angola has been stuck at Incheon International Airport in Korea for the past 6 months

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Can’t see the video/link in the post…


Fictional example which of course comes to mind


Found the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPNm0eAmVsY It’s actually called “The Terminan in real life”


Hopefully their stay isn’t…interminable.

But seriously, if governments can’t process situations like this quickly, there needs to be repercussions. The concentration camps at the American border are being excused as “we don’t have enough resources to process people humanely.” If you can’t do your job, you don’t get to excuse inhumane conditions.


Which is of course is a flat out lie. It costs more for the unnecessary cruelty being inflicted there.


I can think of plenty worse airports to be stuck at than Incheon.


Newark Liberty Airport. On the list. Like, every day.


The fictional example being based on a true story, albeit a bit white-washed - that of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who ended up stateless and living in the Charles de Gaulle airport for almost 20 years. (Though, to be fair, he could have left after about a decade…)

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He said, "I’d like to go back if we weren’t in danger of dying."

Shit, humans really treat each other terrible.


Sadly, a similar example:

I haven’t read anything about it more recent than that.

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I can’t “like” this but… yeah.

There are two topics in the “wrath” category that I used to closely follow, but are now each up to several hundred unread (by me) posts. At this stage I am fairly certain I will never catch up (if I wanted to do so).

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The Korean government won’t address this issue until there is enough media coverage

Basically they need to be embarrassed publicly before they decide by their good graces to help out some asylum seekers, which really irks me but ultimately what does matter is that this family gets the help they need.

Yeah I agree. Incheon is the equal of Singapore or KLIA, and it has its own (small) forest!

A lovely airport and the bus ride out to it is incredible when the tide is out – you can see exactly how tough MacArthur’s invasion of Incheon was, given the shallow draft of the harbor. An ocean at high tide – miles and miles of mudflats at low tide.

Anyway, yes, worse places to be stuck. Hopefully Korea can see through to let them in.

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