A Syrian man has been trapped in a Malaysian airport for 37 days

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You would think Malaysia or Indonesia might take him, being Muslim countries, in the interest of charity and brotherhood. Plus they are rapidly growing economically, so perhaps he has a skill that could be put to use! Though the language might be a barrier…


I do wonder how he got there in the first place and also why he’s being barred from entry. If it’s just a paperwork snafu then it could be cleared up in another month or two. If it’s a criminal issue he could be there forever.

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I think what is missing from the story is that he has not sought asylum in Malaysia. He could do that, but it’s at best a risky bet.

Asylum could be granted but then he would be a refugee in Malaysia and that doesn’t exactly sound like picnic. Since he is essentially a conscientious objector I would imagine it is more likely that he would be denied asylum and deported back to Syria.

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That is explained in the article. He originally had a valid tourist visa for Malaysia that he used to work there. His visa however expired while he tried to enter Cambodia and was returned back to Malaysia. Now he has no visa and apparently you can’t get another. I guess it doesn’t help that he admittedly violated the terms of his last visa.


What? RTFA? You must be new here… :joy:


He should make sure he keeps all rights for the up coming movie.

What about the USA? Being (among others) responsible for the mess in his home country … in the interest of “Give me your tired, your poor”.

Yeah, I don’t know if you know who we elected president and the travel ban restrictions, but I am suggesting something that has more feasibility. Yes, you’re absolutely right on principle, but I am looking at it more pragmatically. He already has some ties to Malaysia with the expired visa.

Also I’d put Syria’s woes more firmly on Assad’s disastrous reaction to the drought and famine that predated the civil war. But that’s for another time.

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