Have you seen the Saudi prince who 'sexually abused multiple women' in a $37m LA compound? Because he's missing

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300k, a cheap price for family billionaire who was really just slumming in America to go home instead of spending decades behind bars, and I give 50/50 odds that the always sketchy US State Department let him go as a favor to the sovereign family Saud. Rich(and owning that oil country) means never having to say you’re sorry, and might even get apologies sent to you for the inconvenience. What are a few commoner women against aligned national interests?


Feather, knock me down etc

They could at least have set the bail so that when he inevitably skipped out, they got a decent amount.


Really, who could have seen that coming?


If this were a drug trafficking case his house and cars would be seized.

Hey, I bet if they searched that house they’d find some “blow.” Then it would be a drug case. Sell the place and divide the money up among the women that patriarchal shitebagge assaulted.


Not my definition of a party atmosphere, that’s for sure.


Now, now. Let’s not judge traditional cultures that are older and wiser than ours.[/bitter sarcasm]


It sure is a hoot whenever anyone in the Middle East goes on about the sin and decadence of Western culture. Sure, we ‘let’ gay people marry, but that we’ve got nothing on how the Saudis and other heads of state live and the institutionalized rape of young boys and all women.


Aren’t passports generally needed upon entry of a country?


It’s a rented house. No assets to seize. I would like to know how these super-elites can leave the country without going through customs and showing that they do not have outstanding warrants like this guy does. If they can indeed do that (commit rape and threaten murder and then just leave) then all nationals with diplomatic immunity (DI) from that country should not be allowed to mix with the general American population which they obviously despise. Or at least there should be warnings given to those likely to be victimized by being in proximity of these criminals. Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian dictatorship that the CIA uses to render people like me who write stuff like this. Saudis can do anything and get away with it and they know it. If he has left the country, the next time he comes back good chance he’ll probably be carrying DI. You would think this type of thing should be a big deal to our government but it is not. The “guard” who harassed the reporter and threatened to kill him should be arrested for menacing. If they are carrying guns without permits they should be arrested. If the cops are told that he has diplomatic immunity and it turns out he does not then he should be charged with lying to a cop and arrested. They did nothing. The cops are probably used to this kind of jack-in-the-box situation hesitate to get involved. After all weren’t all the 9/11 hijackers Saudis and weren’t the Saudis the only people in America allowed to take off in an airplane in the days after 9/11 when all other aircraft and ordinary Americans were grounded. Didn’t we destroy Iraq to stop this kind of thing?

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They check it when you depart, based on your destination. It’s a huge hassle for everybody if you arrive in-country and then discover that you’re not allowed to be there.


Surely you haven’t bought into the idea that decadence is a bad thing…


Hahahaha. No way he would have spent decades behind bars. Hell the average sentence for rape is only 5 years so even if he wasn’t super rich and elite he might have had less than 10. We need to make room for REAL criminals like drug offenders.


Yep. But getting back into your home country, especially if you like own part of it, is pretty easy.


To stop people hounding the Saudis? Seems like it.


I have a fantasy about some detective staking out the executive airport and then catching him violating his bail agreement and putting him back in jail, this time as a flight risk…


It’s the airlines that do the checking, because they have to pay a financial penalty if you don’t get in. There is no US official that checks your passport when you leave. … so, if you’re on a private jet, no problem.


I would like to see a big picture of the guy plastered all over the place.

If he can’t get jailed, he should have his face plastered all over creation.

Another X on my list for “the Saudi Regime would be good to see taken down”, for sure.

What kind of crap are they teaching people there to come out that way? Oh yeah. Already know that.


Every person in the US has the ability to leave the US without a passport and without going through customs. The problem is getting into another country. Even that isn’t particularly difficult. We have extremely large borders not to mention two oceans to cross over on.

Mm. There are 15,000 members of the House of Saud. The King has over 1,000 grandchildren. It would be shocking if they didn’t have at least a few black sheep.