A fan's animated homage to HBO's 'The Wire'

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Awesome. It took me several tries over the course of a couple of years to get past Episode 1, but finally watched the whole thing for the first time in the course of a few weeks last month. Just fantastic stuff.


This is really nice work…well done!

Now I want to pour a big bowl of Honey Nut and binge until I caint no mo

Just hearing that music again gave me happy shivers of remembrance.

Stylistically, the art reminds me of http://www.amazon.com/Snowy-Day-Ezra-Jack-Keats/dp/0140501827/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452090819&sr=8-1&keywords=the+snowy+day+by+ezra+jack+keats

Those first few episodes are really tough to get past for most viewers, even more so when it first came out. It’s all depressing and squalid “crack-crack-crack” and you wonder if things are going to get any better and give up. Then you have a couple more false starts and finally stick with it and you find that, no, things aren’t going to get any better, and that’s the point and that’s what makes it such an amazing series.

That animation really captures the essence of the show.

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