Attack on Titan anthology is $5


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It’s a great show, their lifeless eyes as they devour each puny human is pretty horrifying, but in a good way.


I have only seen a few episodes of the anime. The incongruence cracks me up of the abject terror of the humans, contrasted against the unphased happiness of the titans. They could just as easily be idyllically wandering around picking raspberries.

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I didn’t get past episode 1. I guess the action is badass, but the whole premise makes no sense.

–practically a prerequisite for anime :wink:

If it wasn’t for my daughter’s insistence, I might have stopped watching. The plot reveals were intriguing enough to me get hooked --well, that and derpy titans. Definitely more going on than first meets the eye.


I like the steam jetpack things, sort of like the xbox game…Titanfall? Huh, that’s a strange coincidence.

I saw the first few episodes and liked it well enough. I think I’m more an anime fan in theory than practice. Pretty tragic first episode. I didn’t think they were going to go that far. I forgot to watch any more episodes, then got spoilered on reddit and now I’ll probably never see the rest.

Also: Your 12 year old watches Game of Thrones? That’s hardcore.

I hate to break it to fans, but the story falls apart very quickly. I’m sure hardcore shonen fans and teens would still like it, but I jumped ship from the manga a long while ago.

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You’re right. Those alien invasions with the giant robot defenders are based much more in realism.

Seriously, so few of them make any kind of sense, that’s kind of the fun.

I only watched the anime but it was teetering pretty hard on the last episodes of the first season. I don’t think it’ll turn into a masterwork but it’s certainly a ton of fun.

The highly trained fighters are always paralyzed with fear at critical moments.

The bowdlerized version, IIRC. There was a post here about it a year or so back.

Delicious screaming and running raspberries!


Are you trying to tell me Fooley Cooley isn’t realistic?


I’m saying the summary alone makes just as much sense as any of 'em.

Except the Vespa 180 SS never came in yellow.

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I’m a bit tired and I read the title as “Attach on Tintin”.

Which now someone has to write. Please.

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This has amused me and therefore your request has been granted.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The best is his utterly bewildered look. “Who the godverdomme are these giant strangely drawn people trying to kill me?”

My favorite is the dog pulling him away.

Second favorite anime, well under Death Note, but stands high above my third favorites. (Which is basically every other anime I have enjoyed.)

Sadly, remains very hard to find truly exceptional anime. Attack on Titan is in that category.

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