Attack on Pizza! (or: A live-action scene done anime-style)


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The acting is a lot better than the actual live action Attack on Titan! :smile:


not bad. Still nothing compared to the awesome absurdity of Jojo.


It took me a while to realize they were talking gibberish. :joy:

The perfect ending should have being like this:

BOTH are going to reach the LAST SLICE of pizza when suddenly a THIRD HAND appears and takes it casually.

A KAWAII SHONEN BOY (blonde) takes the slice unaware of the HUGE DRAMA.

Kawaii Shonen Boy- Oh! Pizza-desu! Nom Nom!

EVERYBODY drops their heads and GIANT DROPS OF SWEAT appears on each one’s heads.

One-Dimensional Girl- Psycho!



Isn’t this a remake of an episode of Nichijou? Except less goats and robots.


“Honda Suzuki!!!”


The anime is more of a brilliant interpretation of a truly absurd manga. Excel Saga might be the only one better interpreting the source material.


Upon refection, this would be so much better dubbed into real fluent Japanese. There are actually many people who can speak it quite well!


Yeah, the fake Japanese pretty much disqualifies this video from being forwarded to my friends.

The subtitle style, however, is spot-on. I cannot allow my friends to know the horrible truth that I did not call “Dibs,” and, in fact, am not the rightful owner of the pizza." (Emphasis mine)


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