Space Battleship Yamato 2010, anime come to life


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Are those the real subtitles?


No. They are better.


It was ok. Looked fantastic, but cramming that much story into a film was detremental. If you really weren’t familiar with the main characters and the core story you were kind of lost.

However…if you want a GREAT modern take on the story check out the recently finished anime Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Same great story with updated modern animation. Way better than the live action film.


I agree, growing up as a kid in Philadelphia in the 80’s we all adored this show. Running home from the school bus to make sure we were on time to catch it. I was innocent at the time but knew something was wrong with the edited dubs; when Dash said ““Knox got out right behind you”. we laughed. “Yeah, in a million pieces he did.”

I live in MN now and I guess it was not on TV here back in the day. Friends and co-workers don’t have a clue what I am talking about.

This movie was fun, just like Transformers, watch it for entertainment. The combination of elements from Comet Empire really helped the story. And yes, the “combat IQ-9” was a “YAY!” moment for me. Did you see the deleted scene in the credits where he salutes Kodai?


It is on my list to watch. I’m pretty enthusiastic!


‘I have seen both and mixed the two up in my head’

You are still doing that Jason. In the original Japanese version of the show the ship is the original Yamato from WWII (as it is in the dub). In the inferior american dub the ship is then renamed to be The Argo.

‘If you want to experience a really great live action version of an anime classic’
I actually found the live action Speed Racer to be a much greater translation from animation to live action that truly captured the feel and story of the original. Yamato comes a close second. Those who may have ignored the film because it looked too cheesy I recommend giving it a try.


If you are a fan of the original or just a fan of well written space fantasy opera, then you will be well taken care of.


except for the whole screwing up the villains by retconning them into some sort of bullshit energy being/ crystalline entities …I agree. as someone who had to race home every day after school to watch the next installment as a kid, I preferred my blue skinned space nazis to this Ang Lee Hulk nonsense.


I’m struck by just how close both this live-action feature and the updated Yamato 2199 series are to the original in look and feel. Kudos to the producers of both for basically saying, “For God’s sake, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”


Regarding the Speed Racer movie, I absolutely agree. It’s at 39% on Rotten Tomatoes and I have no idea why. It’s a great, fun, visually wonderful movie with a really good cast. The end gets me misty-eyed every time I watch it (same with the awesome ending of Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, which was also a bit underrated: another surprisingly good movie, for anyone who hasn’t seen it.)

Any opinion on Flintstones n Viva Rock Vegas? It didn’t do very well (may have even been straight-to-video?), but it had a great cast (doing some very good voices), suprisingly good sets and effects, and a fun storyline.


I bought this on bluray when it came out in 2010. It’s really good but I hated the Aerosmith song during the end credits so I used FCP to replace it with the really sad vocal theme from the movie. Now the credits are tragically delicious!

The live action Yamato makes me wish they would make a live action Macross…but without any Aerosmith.



When I was 8 or 9 years old. My younger sister and I used to watch this EVERY morning obsessively. One day our local TV station changed their programming and replaced it with some Warner Brothers toon.

My sister and I called the TV station and complained (we were a bit precocious) and I’m pretty sure we made the lady who answered the phone feel really, really awful because my sister spent most of the time bawling and begging them to put her show back on.

A few weeks later they had!

I’m off to show her this like . .right now!


my local station moved the air time from 4pm weekdays to 3:30pm weekdays half way through season 2 (Comet Empire), so I ended up watching the last part of that series via the last 10-15 minutes of each episode as that was as fast as I could pedal my Columbia street bikes pedals.

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Hm. Sounds like I really ought to see the anime first, from some of the comments. I’m peripherally aware of it, but mostly on the basis of sticking my nose into a convention’s screening room for a few minutes while I was on my way to something else.

TroubleMakers “Speed Racer” film was awesome. Viva Rock Vegas was a brilliant live action take on the Flintstones. Of course I never really cared for the Flintstones personally (I’ve always had a problem with shows that feature a main character that is patently unlikeable…and to me Fred is just an asshole), so I wasn’t a fan of this movie. but thats just due to personal taste

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I have been tragically unable to find a legal copy of this thing on DVD in the US, and I honestly don’t want to torrent it. Feh.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it ever got an official US release. Amazon has it as a regionA (japan and US have the same region) with english subtitles on bluray. The visuals are worth the high def imo.

Speed Racer is EXCELLENT half-baked.

If I had a top-ten list, it would be on it.

Ohmigod! We should make a top-ten list!


Wow, featuring Kimutaku (Takuya Kimura) from SMAP! He’s like the Japanese Bieber, but better.