Space Battleship Yamato 2010, anime come to life


If you are a fan of old school animation then yes…seek out the original. I would say the original is ‘the book’ of which the film is a nice adaptation.

However, if you prefer a more modern animation style, the aformentioned SBY 2199 will get you that same prime story.


It looks pretty cool (I can sing the Starblazers theme loudly when asked or inebriated…)

But these subtitles ><; Lord have mercy. All my gfs Asian dramas have better; every HK movie I’ve ever seen has better, every bootleg anime…you get the idea.

A few errors can be amusing and endearing…within the first 30 seconds I have to avert my eyes: unwatchable. Unless…somewhere a better translation exists?


That would require a bluray player and HDTV on my part. :-/


I came here to post that comment… I haven’t seen KimuTaku since the SMAP cooking show (and the other 4 weekly shows he was on) in 1999. Glad to see he’s exactly the same.


Awwwww why you gotta go and be so wet blanket? Like @Andrew_Berry, @William_Holz, @Cris_Overlord and so on, the adventures of the crew of he Argo was a big thing for me as a kid. Even now as an adult in Japan and having watched the show in the original Japanese, I’d still join @gwailo_joe singing the theme song really loud!

It creeps me out how the SMAP guys don’t seem to age at all.


I love the look of the uniform as a leather jacket.

However the last bit of the film was a like a Gatsby hair product commercial. Since its Takuya Kimura I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.


I agree completely. Seeing the Yamato in live action was very very cool, no doubt about that–but they had to chop the story up so much that by the end I was very sad & disappointed.

Yamato 2199, however, was so well done that it made it all ok. I’ve come to think of 2199 as the way the original should have been, actually.


they ought to make this a series!


Speedracer, the Wachowski film, is a masterpiece.
There, I’ve said it.
Not an anime fan by all means. I’ve enjoyed less than a handful. Never liked the original Speedracer Japanese animation actually. Couldn’t be bothered by cars or stories revolving around cars anyway. But that film is so bonkers and funny and in your face with its infectious camp brilliance. Watch it.


Son of The Bitch…


I don’t see it as being a wet blanket. I see it like this: You’ve had this great tasting dish that your mom always made for you. Its always been delicious and tasty and you want it all the time. And then you find out your mom was just copying someone else’s dish and slightly changing the recipe. You are then offered the original unaltered dish and nirvana is achieved through your taste buds.

Now, that is not to say there are some good dubs out there (Cowboy Bebop imo is superior in english) but outside of drastic script changes dubs seem to usually lack emotional gravitas in the voice performance that is present in the originals.


Apropos of nothing, I presume every possible “Yamoto so big, she…” joke has already been done. Right?


I think “son of the bitch” has a better bite.


You are so right. Speed Racer is a perfect example of why I always make it a point to watch Wachowski films. They get what so many don’t seem to about films–that they are art, and art has different styles. One doesn’t look at an Impressionist painting (hopefully) and dismiss it as trash because it’s too blurry. Of course it’s blurry, that’s an element of the piece! Speed Racer was executed as a piece of visual art, as well as a beautiful homage to a classic story, with all its 1970s anime archetypes. The story has just the right amount of depth to hold together the film, but not distract from the main elements.

I love it. I come back and watch it again every 6 months or so.


I believe the beliefs.

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OK lets use your food analogy a bit. Maki sushi in Japan and maki sushi in the US may not be the same things at all. You can get rolls in NYC that are entirely delicious which don’t exist on a Japanese menu. Same applies to all sorts of cuisines: italian american food & italian food (any region), chinese american food & chinese food (any region), etc. Both sides can produce some great dishes which can appeal to people who know the original or the interpreted version. Ever been out to eat with a group of people and someone starts in about how “its better back home” even though everyone else is enjoying the meal?

Truth is that both the Space Battleship Yamato and Starblazers cartoons were good stuff that really engaged a generation of children. The fact that as an adult you experienced the one you didnt grow up with doesn’t negate the joy of the one you did.


If you live in the Columbus Ohio area, you can see Space Battleship Yamato on the big screen at the Gateway Film Center starting Jan 29th.
Details are over on GFC web site:

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