Attack on Titan: Live Action Trailer with English subtitles

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Love this show, but very, very bleak.

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Eh, I watched episode 1 and found the characters unlikeable.


It’s a Japanese comic book and animated cartoon series…


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Beware movies of well loved animated series. It takes an hour to try to explain the premise of the series to anyone who never watched the show, and like Jane said they always change the characters, which is sacrilegious to real fans. If you doubt this watch the Avatar (Airbender) movie, or the Thomas the tank engine movie.Baldwin was no George Carlin, he wasn’t even Ringo!

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I was just on the verge of buying a ticket for the premiere in Montreal in the first week of August – and then my browser glitched. The thing sold out in the space of two minutes. :frowning:

(Lesson learned: no more than one tab when buying tickets.)

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Attack on Titan seems to do a splendid job of showing how to construct an absurdly huge and grotesque threat to justify a thoroughly militarized society that builds a wall around itself and shoots everything trying to cross it. The giants are superhuman and sub-human at the same time, a central trope of xenophobia.

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Don’t worry, they’re all probably dead within a few episodes.

This looks like it could be a fun watch (yeah, I’ve a strange definition of fun). I gather the purists are upset already (Japanese cast etc) but I think you need to view it like the Dune film; doesn’t really do the source justice but it’s fun to see how it’s realised on the big screen. Who knows, maybe they’ll even improve it, reign in some of its melodramatic tendencies.

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