Live-action 'Space Battleship Yamato' is still a dream come true

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I feel quite nostalgic about Starblazers, so I optimistically turned on the subtitles for that first clip, and oh, the hilarity. Youtube thinks it’s Korean, and it’s auto-translating into English for some consistently “bad lip reading” style nonsense.


I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the xlation!


That show turned me off of anime for years. The dub acting was terrible, the low frame rate animation recycled cells so often you could see the dirt on them, and it was painful watching the attempt to do a 3d rotation of the Yamoto - I know it’s hard to draw, but it was really awkward.

It took me a long time to dip my toes back into Japanese animation, to discover how much better the acting is in the original Japanese. And the diversity of genres, quality of animation and storytelling.

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Huge fan here. Same, Star Blazers as a kid and loved it ever since. Ever see this “review” ? This is in my favorites. CPF Reviews #3: Remember a Day-A "Star Blazers" Retrospective - YouTube


Its one of a few live-action adaptations that manage to pull it off. Most fail miserably.

I would also recommend checking out the recent anime remake of the original show. Very well done and looks amazing.


Going to have to dig this up if I can find it with proper English subtitles (because that translation is clearly… well funny as hell, but not useful). I absolutely loved Starblazers. It single handedly turned me off to most American cartoons (until the 90’s Batman series). The animation is just soooo much better than anything we were being given here, and the concepts/plot far superior.

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It is surprisingly difficult to find stuff from this anime in English online (Ground Defense Force Mao-Chan), but they had a character who carried around a stuffed doll of Juzo Okita…


The version I bought from Apple has English dub and captions. I thought it also had the original Japanese voices but my phone was not giving me that option.

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Weirdly, the auto-translate in the second video, which at least correctly recognizes that it’s Japanese, manages to be worse. In that it’s gibberish that doesn’t even manage to form complete sentences. Apparently gibberish Korean is easier to translate into English than actual Japanese.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I always felt torn: one of the worlds biggest battleships! IN SPACE! Totally nailed my wheelhouse. But I just couldn’t get into watching it for the reasons you say.

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Where can one buy a Stupid Goal Lubricator? Asking for a friend.


“Stupid goal lubricator” sounds like another way of describing alcohol to me. At least drinking always makes it easier to achieve stupid goals, I find.


I did a rewatch of 2199 (and finally watched 2202 all the way through) a few weeks ago, and hot damn. 2202 isn’t as good as 2199, but it’s still highly enjoyable.

I’m not saying there are subtitled DVD rips on YouTube… but, well, I have no way to end that sentence…


Brilliant! Going forward, I shall refer to alcohol exclusively as “stupid goal lubricator”.

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What I find fascinating about those clips is using an Aerosmith (?) song - in English - as the background music. It’s a reminder of the ubiquity of American (English) music throughout the world. I can think of maybe 3 “foreign” songs to make it big in the US. (I am sure there are more than that, but clearly the ratio is 99+% to >1%)

The complaint from authorities about this cultural hegemony is a legitimate one - but it’s not like it’s forced on anyone. When I lived in Italy for 6 months, I listened to Italian radio, and the ratio of English to Italian music was more like 75%-25%. Still dominant, to the point that there were ads on the buses with this weird proto-english. When you pronounced them in Italian, you were actually speaking English - and repeating the lyrics of a Madonna song, among others. I found that so fascinating.

The only flaw in this movie that I will acknowledge was not putting this on the soundtrack:

Aerosmith did at least record the song specifically for the movie. (based off of a translated script and some clips of the film)

IIRC it was Steven Tyler as a solo artist rather than Aerosmith, but that may as well be a distinction without a difference.

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