An epic non-stop action adventure movie that will challenge your senses


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In 3D, eh?

Well that makes the mysterious claw that squirts at me a little less mysterious.


And a link to the whole movie… well there goes my productivity this evening.


Puts me in mind of another cheesy one…


I watched this when I was a kid!!! I don’t remember much except that I thought it was awsome. I’m not sure I want to watch it again.


You do not.


I keep meaning to see if these are still there.


I dunno some of us like that kind of thing…
Can’t be worse than America 3000 can it?


If you have fond memories of a movie this bad, do not rewatch it.

I watch Last Starfighter over and over, but it holds up.


Has to be a related project. That flipping claw deal was on Michael Ironside’s costume in Spacehunter.

I had the same thought.


I’m not remake-crazy, but I do think TLS would be a good choice for a remake. The story itself is really a rehash of a lot of sword and stone mythology anyhow.


My senses are generally challenged all the time.

The trailer was just right. Wonderful over-the-top seriousness.

In… 3-D.


A friend and I watched this in college. For awhile after, our armchair fantasy was to buy the IP and making a sequel that one-upped the original.


I love the film. Alex is insufferable, however, and its a total story of the reluctant and not-actually-fit-for-duty white guy saving everything by being earnest. The story could be re-told a lot better, I think.


I was a sucker for anything sci-fi in those days so I suffered through a lot of stuff like Metalstorm and Spacehunter. What about Ice Pirates?

Or Steel Dawn:


Reminds me of “Megaforce”. I also recommend “Cherry 2000”.


Ice Pirates actually holds up. It is even today just weird enough to be charming. Not unlike the original “Battlestar Galactica”, or Buck Rogers.


I love Ice Pirates, and have recommended it. SPACE HERPES.


What about the incredibly strange:

No, you’re the hunter from the future!

I stumbled upon this a few years ago, and couldn’t tell if it was intended to be serious or comedy. That the lead looks like Dana Carvey doesn’t help.


This thread is going to cause my girlfriend to break up with me.