The bestselling series by the creators of Death Note, now available in a complete box set

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I almost started the Anime the other night but ended up watching Charlotte instead. I will double back and check out Bakuman next.

Dear God, Charlotte was spectacularly bad. I hear Bakuman is very good, but a little too serious for kids.

I’m constantly getting it confused with Barakamon and Bakugon, but it’s very different from Bakemonogatari. Far fewer syllables.

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Aw… :cry:
I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far. What didn’t you like about it?

Here is my anime list. For some reason it is a little behind. I use AoZora to track my anime and that app syncs to My Anime list as a backup and easier way to share what i am watching.

It started with a great idea and then went off in nonsensical directions. Dead characters simply reappear with no explanation. It’s… confusing. Also, we’re off-topic. Isn’t this the guy who wrote the equally incoherent Big Order and Mirai Nikki?

EDIT: Correction, Angel Beats.

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Ak ok.

I’m not sure off hand. I personally had a hard time getting into Death Note and set it aside after a few episodes. I have meant to go back and give it another chance. But I think I will give Bakuman a chance first while it has my attention. I watched Angel Beats. I enjoyed it over all.

The show that really confused me at first was When They Cry. It starts off looking like a sweet slice of life. Boy moves to romantic country side. Makes friends with nice kids. All is sweet and nice. And then the paranoia slowly increases until it’s full on murderous mayhem. Then the next episode everything is reset. But with no explanation it’s unclear if this is a flash back, if it’s some time loop thing, or something else. These little arcs last maybe 5 episodes each. Once I figured out the pattern I really enjoyed the show. But at first I was just crying “what is going on…”. So I wont say more but share that to get anyone past the initial this is too confusing I quit syndrome.

Yea the time loop doesn’t make sense until the tail end of season 2, or something like the sixth game. Then it’s tragic and amazing. The title is the worst mistranslation ever. It’s not “Higurashi When They Cry,” it’s “When the Cicadas Cry.” Some executive flunked second-year English I think. Umineko is When the Seagulls Cry.

I’ve been watching Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya, which is the Fifth Holy Grail War with adorable magical girls. We’re off-topic, you know.


That would have been a better title.

I recently watch the three Magical Girl Madoka Magica movies. My first exposure to the magical girls. I liked each one of the movies more than the last. Unrelated but have you seen Flip Flappers? Sort of a girl coming of age version of FLCL. I really enjoyed it.

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I don’t think we are derailing any on topic conversations here but I suppose we could split off to a separate thread.

I don’t think anybody liked Madoka Rebellion, except me.

Flip Flappers was amazing, but very confusing.

What if Death Note became a romantic comedy?

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It was my favorite of the three. So there are at least two of us. It’s ok, I have come to accept that my tastes don’t exactly click with many of the mainstream anime favorites.

I was confused on the first watch but on subsequent viewing it seemed more straightforward. Although I will admit the ending right now is a bit hazy but I think that is user error.

That looks super fun. More so than Death Note. Added it to my list. My company’s filters won’t let me go to where I watch current anime. I will check later tonight if its available. Thank you.

Soul Eater kind of did a genre change like that between Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not! I liked the change up but apparently a lot of testosterone driven folk were less appreciative.

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@Boundegar I finished Charlotte. It was pretty good. At first it seemed like it might be a serial type show but then it the story line zigs and zags, goes dark, find redemption, then goes non-linear. In the end I found it better than I expected after the first few episodes.

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