A fantastic standing (or sitting) desk



And, yes, I’m going to say it, action figures.


“wipe board” sounds like a perfectly cromulent synonym for “whiteboard”

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I have very unfond memories of moving those things a few times with the small company I worked at 30 years ago. I also have fond memories of how well-built they are.

You will occasionally see photos of drafting rooms of yore, with dozens of these things each featuring a guy in a skinny tie.

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I use an old drafting table for this too. My only annoyance with it happens when I have to move all the clutter off and then back on when I adjust the height.

My dad brought one home from his office maybe 20 years ago. It moves up and down with incredible fluidity! It is even bigger than this one, though…

I alternate. A crew of ex-UUnet guys at a job (Cable and Wireless) I had a long time ago would make horrible fun of me for calling it a whiteboard. When I got used to saying WIPEboard for them, the west coast ex-Digital Island guys would then call me names.

That is not a problem with this model.

what is that big black arm thing … doesn’t it get in the way?

Alvin magnifying desk lamp or the Vemco straight edge?

Spent too many years working on one as a drafter. That and the previous oak tables. http://vintagedraftingtables.blogspot.com/2011/01/hamilton-drafting-tables.html

The one I had had motorized up and down, and it weighed about 300lbs, which is why I sold it.

All great fun until you or somebody else presses the foot pedal, the top tilts and all the goodies hit the floor.
Knees will try to deflect, feet will try to catch, but it will all be in vain as that jaunty tilt goes vertical.

Looks neat, but what’s the minimum level height?

What kind of chair is that? It looks amazingly comfortable.

Herman Miller Embody I think was the name? Successor to the Aeron.

I think that has a sort of protractor built into it for doing 3-D diagrams and perspective.

Here abouts that Vemoco arm is known as “The Cool Ruler” It lets me “precisely” set the ruler at various angles, etc. I keep a stack of Isometric paper around for drawing and sketching.

I have scars from an Aeron chair. The seat was held to the base by a small chunk of plastic using short self-tapping screws. None of that “nuts and bolts” for fasteners, no siree! I was ejected violently and probably escaped serious injury only because my head came down on a padded computer bag.

Fans of standing desks may find this useful when driving