A fast, indie space opera for summer

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Hell, I’ll give it a shot.

But yeah, that cover art. Yeesh.


If anyone wants some good Kindle unlimited SF recs, Bad Space and it’s sequel are fun, and the Outer Bounds series by Sara King are fucking brilliant.


By the cover image I subtitled it “Paint Ball Raising”.

What’s with Jason always pushing these “indie” books? Is that what we call self-published books now? I’m still annoyed about the wasted hours from this junk: http://boingboing.net/2015/01/06/the-lost-starship-by-vaughn-he.html

I don’t understand how these things get hundreds to thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. OK, it’s subjective, and maybe this one is good, but buyer beware.

That’s by Timothy Meyer, right? I loved those too. Though I thought the writing in Galactic Menace was smoother than the first book Hull Damage. I seem to remember hearing Book 3 would be out this year. I do hope so. ::scurries off to Amazon to check::

Edited to add: no word on book 3.

Vaughn Heppner cranks out quite a lot of bad fiction, aye. I prefer to think of Kindle unlimited like the old pulps. Cheap as anything, mostly awful, but with som absolute gems if you look. Beware Sturgeon’s Law.

I don’t have Kindle Unlimited, I stick to the freebies, but Sturgeon’s Law holds true. Most are ok, some are horribly awful, but there are a few gems out there.

It’s not even the cover art. It’s the flat yellow Arial that makes it look like a high school Powerpoint presentation…

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