A former casino floor manager offers tips for beating the odds

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Best advice for improving one’s odds; DONT PLAY.


I had a neighbor who once attended a card counting course and then would regularly win thousands in Atlantic City. That was a long time ago - she said it got progressively harder as the casinos added more decks, for example.

Exactly. The casinos have put in enough defenses that card counting isn’t very viable anymore. It relies on finding a deck that by chance is rich near the end–so the casinos simply don’t have an end to be rich.

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Hear, hear! How the heck do you think that they pay for all the ‘free’ drinks, flashing lights, etc, etc? By siphoning money from all those idiots nice people who think they can beat the house.

So, for most restaurants, serving food isn’t that profitable (as I understand it). Rather, it’s the liquor license that makes the “real” money.
But casinos are able to scam SO MUCH money that they can comp you liquor.
That’s when you realize they are a poor place to make money (for the gambler).

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There was one story of a guy who managed to beat the comping-metagame:

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So basically you have to find a weakness in some aspect of the casino and exploit it while you can.

There was a story from the 1960’s I think, where a guy figured out a quirk in a certain model of slot machine (he had apparently either been a slot machine repairman, or gotten hold of one to tinker with) and he went into multiple casinos in Vegas and cleaned several machines out one by one. They grabbed him thinking he had a magnetic device or something but found nothing, and I think they had to make a deal with him to reveal his secret so they could fix the quirk.

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