A free short story about Irish history to read while you're quarantined over St. Patrick's Day

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/03/15/a-free-short-story-about-irish.html


Excellent and eerie, thanks.

Yes, well done. I like the genre of “secret histories” like Tim Powers writes, where weird stuff is worked into actual history, and this did it well, even if that was the background and the foreground was the story of the two young women.

Thom. Thanks for the story. Just find it implausible for there to be a girl in the early 20th century named Aisling who barely speaks a word of English, but is a Protestant.

I don’t think that’s what he meant by “She recognized a few words of English as well; she didn’t have the language herself, though she did know the sound of it.”. It’s ambiguously worded, but from context it is clear that it was the Travellers’ Cant that she knew the sound of but didn’t know, not English, although she recognized the English-derived words in it.

Thanks for pointing that out. You appear to be right and I misread it. Nonetheless, I still think it’s still highly implausible for a Protestant to have been called Aisling at that time. I doubt if it was even in use among Nationalists (“Catholics”) back then.

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