A friend of mine created a beautiful watch for the blind (+Kickstarter)

A friend of mine created this watch for both blind and sighted users. I think it’s really good looking, and also thought it was quite Happy Mutant-ish.

The “hands” are trapped ball bearings, held in place by magnets. You can push them out of place and they’ll roll freely, but will quickly snap back into place. Old-style touch-watches for the blind usually require directly touching the hands, which tends to move them out of alignment. (Kind of like the observer problem in quantum mechanics…)

I also like that it’s a great example of “universal design” – something that would be wearable and useful for everyone, not just one group of people.

They’re running a Kickstarter campaign, and now that they’ve blown far past their goals I can finally feel like I can post this here without it looking like I’m trying to get their campaign funded.

(Note: the first-half of the main video on the page is mostly a long story about the watch’s namesake… The watch content starts at about 3:40)


I’ve never worn a watch on a regular basis but I quite like this design. It’s beautiful. It looks fantastic and functional. I’m really happy their kickstarter is successful!

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