A glimpse into Slab City, the most lawless place in California

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Slab is a much ado about nothing. Pack snacks and water when you go, keep an eye on your car too.


“Slab City is a place where people who don’t want to live in mainstream society go to live by their own rules.”

That’s what my living room is for.


Google images never disappoints:


Are they lawless or just hardcore non-conformists? Dude wants to paint a hill of rocks all the colours in the rainbow… is there a law against that?

Now, if there’s a clubhouse where they shoot up drugs and defile nuns, have LAN parties…

I would be more interested in the governance in the area - does stuff get done? Roads fixed, hydro poles maintained, good representation at the State level. If these things are happening then not a terrible place to live. Would love to attend a community meeting though… popcorn.gif

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Is it called Slab City because…


Oh my gosh, I thought Stab City in Grand Theft Auto V / Grand Theft Auto Online was just a parody of undesirable trailer parks. I didn’t realize it was a parody of Slab City.


Makes me think of:


“One eccentric fellow in this video pets and kisses his western diamondback rattlesnake, calling it a “good boy”, despite the fact that it could kill him at any moment.”

Snake: “Hey… he’s a good kisser!”


I thought it was just because “Slab City” sounds so cool…way cooler than the actual “city.”


lots of tongue

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Church of Beer? Redrum Room? Wow. Just wow.

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The southwestern desert in the US has always been a magnetic attractor for the odd, the loner and the just plain weird,

Look at the history of “Death Valley Scotty” for one of the more exotic stories or the people who willingly live in Death valley (and not just the rangers)

As long as it’s adults and they keep to themselves, let them be.

I enjoyed a documentary from back like 2007 called “Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa” that made an impression on me, in that the place (some desert place in Arizona or NM) obviously wasn’t some anarchist utopia but it made me glad that such places are allowed to exist, where people who would otherwise likely be in jail can live their lives.

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