A good $4 magic trick - The Imp Bottle (includes imp)


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You forgot the G.


I don’t believe for a second that there’s an imp in there!


This truck has driven many people insane throughout the years.

That line needs an illustration.





no fair, yours came with an imp? mine only has a gimmick inside. :frowning:


Wow. I actually had one of these as a kid. Spoiler coming up. The trick is that he is slipping a little metal rod into the neck of the bottle, which changes the center of gravity and the bottle will stay on its side.

Of course, the real trick is getting good enough at slipping that rod in and out without anyone noticing. I had a bunch of little magic tricks like this. That was the point at which I discovered that magic is really about the hard work of practicing something until you were proficient. It’s a really good lesson for kids. Unfortunately I completely missed the lesson until I was well into my adulthood.


This [trick] has driven many people insane throughout the years.

Truck aside, I find myself wondering if this literally true, or only “literally” true. If the effect is real, it is almost certainly caused by a small Eldritch Abomination inside the bottle. No mere imp could drive many people insane. Even one person is a stretch, unless the poor fellow already had PTSD. but a little Star Spawn of Cthulhu could do the trick.


Amazon UK’s tax-avoiding powers don’t appear to extend to Imps. The same item costs more than 10 times as much on there


It’s more about “gouge 'em because we can”.


have you ever tried importing an imp into the UK? they have to have current immunizations, ownership papers, the bottles have to be inspected to make sure the imp cannot escape, etc. Ever since Torchwood put some pressure on parliament to get the new law passed the importation of supernatural entities has gotten quite expensive.

…or what @shaddack said.


Sure, it costs #4 now, but you have to sell it on for less than that.


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