Own a jar of eclipse soil, "darkened by the moon", for only $1,029


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There are always suckers… at least this guy is being honest about it.



I am a bit puzzled. is this being sold as a collectable, or is the magic power of the eclipse worth $1000 per jar?

If it’s a collectable, where’s the certificate of authenticity and the statement of how the edition is limited to so many jars, and how after they sell the last jar they’re going to pave over the yard or pressure wash it down to bedrock or something?

If this is being sold based on its mystical powers, where’s the 5 pages of pseudoscience and woo explaining how the quantum tunneling effect of the moon’s passage enables the dirt to have 1024 times the potency of regular dirt?


Why not make it homeopathic eclipse soil, where the essence of the eclipse was infused into a whole bunch of clean soil purchased at the local garden supply store? You could even give them a discount over this profiteer: only $59.99 per jar of Eclipse Infused Homeopathic Soil (Made In America, of course. 'Murica!)


That and some magic beans, and you’re good!


*magic beans sold separately


I was outside then - I’m a millionaire!


Damn, why do I never get these ideas?


I think its being sold as “I need new tires” dirt


I give him an “A” for originality, and an “A+” for identifying his mark — the honestly overly credulous.


Well, I still have a jar of Mt St Helen’s ashes. At least I think that what is inside…


That’s actually a smart pricing tactic. $1029 instead of $1030. $1030? No way, but $1029 seals the deal!!


I’m pretty sure this was a requirement of certain potion manufacture according to the 1st ed. AD&D DM Guide.



I do too! A friend of my parents were up there around that time, and they brought some back to me. They knew I was interested in volcanoes from living in Hawaii as a kid.

I wonder how much I could get for it on eBay.


Can you smoke it?


Zero points for creativity. Put some effort into it, for crying out loud.


In my own parlance, that just means I sat there.