Make a magic wand appear from thin air!



I know that magic tricks sometimes disappoint people when they find out how they are done, however, the roughly equal 5 star to 1 star review ratio shows that many people were upset by the disposable quality of this thin coil of paper foil, which, without Amazon Prime, costs $10 including shipping. Granted, a number of the 1 star reviewers misunderstood what they were buying, but even among those that did understand the product, the flimsy nature of it left them wanting.

(But, on the other hand, BB has my Affiliate Link click through to Amazon and will get a cut of anything I buy in the next 24 hours, so I guess that’s good.)

It’s a cool little trick, but the price seems far too high for such a simple (and presumably fragile and short-lived) piece of material. I did a quick check on a Chinese factory direct seller site, and you can get twenty of them for $7.

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You should probably just buy the lot of 500 for $88 plus shipping to be sure you have enough…

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That’s what she said.


Bought a few of these in Genting, Malaysia for a buck each or so, maybe five years ago. They do tend to tangle, like a slinky, but you can usually rewind them.

I hope so. I do like the thought of Amazon taking some money out of their margin and using it to subsidize cool free websites according to a merit system of who’s sending AMZN traffic.

I dropped a large on a moog synth at AMZN last month, I hope Jason gets a fat enough check out of it to buy ingredients for a making a batch of homebrew beer. If so, I suggest dubbing that batch “SkepticAle” and making a post about it.


Made me think of this little gem…

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