Get 30 generic Magic Erasers for $3.50

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Man, Amazon is so bad for the environment and so bad for workers. It’s cool to get a lot of consumer crap for cheap, but Amazon is not good!! Always felt a little weird about how much boing boing advertises amazon deals.


I wish people would just call this melamine foam.

You don’t call tissues “generic Kleenex.”

However, I do use the phrase “store-brand Aspirin”.

For that matter, I’m fairly certain I’ve said “store-brand Kleenex” before, as well.

What kind of credulous fool would actually call them “facial tissues”, anyway?

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I just call them “tissues.” The stuff for your butt is “tissue paper.”

“Tissue paper” is for stuffing into “gift bags” at the last minute before you leave on Xmas vacation. You nerf-herder!


I just bought 100 off eBay for $4.90:

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This! This will allow me to destroy Hogwarts and finally show my parents I’m better than that loser Voldemort!


Read the instructions if you use these things. First time I tried one on a mark on my wall I just rubbed with it dry. Not only didn’t it do diddly squat but the I figure the toxic-smelling dust took a few years off my life.

I figured there had to be some butt patterned tissue paper but my google-fu failed. However what was interesting is that a simple search for tissue paper brought up the stuff for gift bags but as soon as the word butt enters the search in any manner it becomes a selection of wiping your rear end (or butt shaped dispensers for tissues)

Because it blocks our view of Jupiter.

I bought a hundred pack for $7 from a direct-from-China web store. I have used a dozen or so thus far, with pretty good results. Would the branded ones have lasted longer? Possibly, even probably. But given that you pay something like $5 for a two-pack, I can use two dozen of the cheaper ones and still come out ahead.

I bought some last time they were recommended here and they were terrible. They just crumbled away.

I have found the Safeway brand ones to work just as well and for less than half the price of Mr. Clean. I will get those instead these days.
I have yet to try the bulk ones. I saw some in the Daiso store and was tempted to get them just to try them for $1.50.

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  1. LOVE Daiso. Just this weekend I discovered that they now have a store practically in our neighborhood. Yippee!
  2. I actually bought the uncut two-foot (or so) block of melamine sponges this weekend, cut off a small one, and tried it out. So far, so awesome - and, as you mentioned, just $1.50.

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