Get 100 generic Magic Erasers


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Sounds like something a gang of muggles would use to take down Harry Potter.


Don’t waste your money. These things disintegrate after one use. You’ll get several uses from a Mr. Clean one. The are not the same.


The fake leather furniture lived up to its name?


I think this blog needs to find a more honest way to make money.


Oh I think that’s harsh. Mark at least provides anecdotal information about the gadgets and geegaws that he affiliate-links to. Besides, it’s not like you’re paying admission to read the site.


I bought some generic magic erasers on your recommendation a while ago and the first time I tried to use one it crumbled. I just threw the rest away.


Yes. And as long we’re allowed — nay, expected — to make pithy observations about these products, I think it’s all fine.


Get 100 generic Magic Erasers for $9

I smell a lifetime supply there.


In a way we are, by creating content for free. But I call it even.


Don’t – it’s a lung irritant.


What content? It’s not like they run ads against the BBS.


It’s not enough.
We are going to need ALL the erasers!


Will 100 be enough to erase the past year?


I haven’t tried the generics from Amazon; that price looks too good to be true. I have bought foamed melamine sponges from , and they hold up well. Box of 50, $26.95 ($.54 each); box of 300, $87.95 ($.29 each), before tax and shipping.


To be fair, @Papasan never specified how long of a lifetime it would be.


If you don’t mind buying from China, you can pick up the same thing from ebay with free shipping. I don’t have Amazon Prime, so the Amazon deal isn’t quite as attractive to me.


Our comments are content you can get to by looking at the original posts and the ads next to them (at least, that’s what the advertisers hope).


Worth every cent I’ve paid for them, too.


There’s a level of irony here that’s way too deep for me.