Great deal on Mr. Clean Extra Power Magic Erasers


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99 cent stores have them 4 for 99 cents…


is that a referral code in your link, or are you just happy to see me?


I think you’ve advertised these before.


I keep my toothpaste tube on top of the Mr Clean pad as a meta joke.



yeah, dude, you seriously need to get acquainted with the Dollar Tree.


Dat referral code tho.


I was curious what the “extra power” in Mr. Clean Extra Power Magic Erasers was.
Did they invent a new foam with something compounded into it? What could it be?
I was disappointed to learn that “extra power” just refers to better then bleach, and these are regular melamine sponges.


Is a Dollar Bush sufficient?


I just bought a 100 of these for about $5 on Amazon. Similar pricing is available on AliExpress. American brand name does not improve the cleaning effectiveness.


Damn, I paid a whole $7.


Man, you got ripped off. :wink:

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