100 magic eraser sponges for $5

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When I follow your link, Amazon says the product is unavailable. However, if I then click on the seller name, and back into the sponges, they’re available for purchase just fine. :man_shrugging:



Why not just make walls (and shoes) out of magic eraser? Problem solved

Yikes, don’t use on anything with shiny paint or varnish, like an auto body or a gloss-finished dining table! This is an abrasive, and can dull such finishes.


You would think that for scouring soap and hard water film off of bathroom surfaces they couldn’t be beat, but they get clogged very rapidly. I still haven’t found a good one stop fix for that.

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Its because they re-listed the product. The link doesn’t match what was posted in BB, when encountering bad links like these its helpful to go ahead and provide the correct link if you’ve already found a workaround… just saying.

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While reading that my brain saw, “tile grout, body cavities, vinyl upholstery”

Whoa brain! (double take) Slow down, buddy!

Although, that would be one hell of a magic eraser.


That link worked for me, but I don’t think BoingBoing got their cut, and I got charged $0.59 more.

I’m going to use these as stocking stuffers this Xmas. The gift of clean!


I think it should’ve worked as far as being a BB affiliate link because it automatically added this at the end of my URL “tag=boing05-20”. Would lead me to believe that’s BB related.

Ah, melamine foam…


Its a very mild, fine abrasive and was very much invented for exactly that sort of thing.

How do you think they get that gloss finish on things like tables?

Very fine abrasive.

Works great for buffing out light scratches on cars, or on glossy wood finishes. Even if you aren’t trying to remove anything. I do it all the time. And Dear Old Dad uses them to touch up his RV and giant pickup after long road trips and months long off the grid camping trips. Apparently its one of the few things that’ll get road tar off without damaging paint and fiberglass.

These things are good for getting rid of little mistakes in watercolor paintings, too.




Much finer abrasive than magic erasers. I recently refinished a table that had been ruined by a houseguest wielding one. When wet it is around 3000 grit, when dry under 1000, and under pressure more like 400.

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This is a great deal, but would be like one of those Costco great deals when you get home and think ‘where the hell am I going to put these?’ I actually bought a smaller quantity for a higher per-piece price.

Canada link.

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