As soon as a tried tear-by-hand packing tape, I never went back


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I believe the headline should read: As soon as a tried tear-by-hand packing tape, a never went back.


Tear-by-hand tape is always inherently weaker…


And likewise, the body was clearly intended to read “A costs I bit more, but it is so worth it.”


Last summer I started using brown paper tape again on packages. Less plastic in the trash, and you can write on it.


Scotch brand tape is not my friend. Having moved several times, I used to be able to buy a package of large, fat rolls of clear or brown plastic tape for under ten bucks. Most nearby stores only sell Scotch brand now, which means a single small roll of tape (with handy tape and finger slicer) for THE SAME AMOUNT.
Buying enough of that stuff for a whole move costs more than an evening out for two!

The best alternative I’ve found is the 6-pack that the warehouse club has (or used to, it’s been a while). Otherwise there’s the stuff at the dollar store. It’s pretty thin and janky though. Good luck peeling it back up if you lose the end.


As soon as a tried tear-by-hand packing tape, I never went back


This going to upset the scissor factions.


Who in turn will take it out on the paper factions, and then in turn onto the rock groups, and shit will continue rolling downhill onto the scissor factions.


Packing tape, leading to the downward spiral of civilization.


Now you’ve done it, ruined my Monday


I’ve heard the better is the enemy of the good. This tape sounds good.


Any word on how this stuff works in in sexy fun time situations? Because I swear to glob, once those scissors come into it, the sexy fun times are done…


Exactly like an Escher drawing!


I liked it so much, I bought the company.


Or you can use a ‘Tape Dispenser’ OMG I’ve just invented something that’s going to replace ‘tear-by-hand’ packaging tape. Woohoo! Any Patent Attorneys interested?


I’ve used this stuff, and I have to admit that it’s tearable.


“As soon as a tried tear-by-hand packing tape, I never went back”

I have a policy of never accepting product suggestions form people this blind to spelling and checking their work. Those keys aren’t even close top each other on a standard keyboard so it’s not a typo.

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