Scotch Tear-by-Hand packaging tape


It sounds very useful, and while I realize that convenience can be worth paying for, is that really worth paying twice as much as non-easy-tear, yet still brand-name Scotch packaging tape?

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I keep gaffers tape around for this purpose, in a re-use non-marking way. For many uses gaffers tape is better than duct tape, and it tears easier, doesn’t stink, and although it’s not 100% non-marking, it rarely leaves any gummies.

Plus, it’s reusable! That’s why gaffers use it!


I can get 20 rolls of masking tape for that price.

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Is it reliable? That is does its ease of tearing when you want it to make it too easy to tear when you don’t want it to?

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This tape is only good for certain surfaces. I love that it tears without losing a tooth, but I’ve noticed that you really need to give it a good rub down for it to stick to some surfaces. One example is if you have a dusty box, say that’s been in storage, the tape just won’t stick as easily and as permanently as the Scotch brand non easy tear. I would suggest bringing some back up normal tape just in case. Wow, am i really writing this review?


I’ve used this for years, and just love it. It’s great for mailing packages, but the real killer app for me was when we moved. Being able to just grab a roll of tape to seal a box rather than dink around with one of those tape dispensers (handheld or tabletop) made things a lot easier.

Just be careful how you describe it - when I told my wife I found a few rolls for our moving boxes, I described it as “tear-able tape.” She asked me why I bought it if it sucked so much.


My old Gaffer would have a thing or two to say about that…

But how is it as a gag?

No, wait, pretend I didn’t say that.

No, since you can just bite the edge of the tape to tear it, and give the end a slight twist as you stick it back on the roll.

I have no use for tape dispensers.

Just get one of these at a fraction of the price. These small handheld dispensers are perfect for packing small parcels and envelopes.

You actually CAN tear this cheaper tape, if it’s the same stuff I use. It’s very thin plastic, and you have to really give the edge a strong rip with your fingers, but you can do it and don’t have to be Superman. You don’t need teeth or a knife, just your fingers.

This: “Scotch Lightweight Shipping Tape”… the thin stuff

40 cents a yard? Seriously, Mark? That’s like federal government pricing.
At that price it had better drive to the store and mail the package for me.

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