Tear-by-hand packing tape


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And miss a reason to whip out a knife or hack together a thimble with a built in razor blade? You take all the fun out of life…


Your attempts to further neuter the human animal by successively removing tasks from the eye teeth does not go unnoticed. Praise Tarzan!


Great, could have used that a month ago. We bought a tape gun which is one of those things that modestly improves a frustrating task, but unfortunately also becomes a focus for your rage.




It’s not just more expensive- that’s crazy expensive for that type of tape. I don’t have a US source, but take this listing for example, works out at just over £1/roll for a much longer roll.

Oh, and look for 75mm tape, makes it so much easier.


Doesn’t tape that is easy to tear remove quite a bit of the tapes actual functionality?


Serial Killers everywhere love this tape!

Next on the list is the ecological minded electric powered windowless van…



I see you opted for the additional locking mechanism on the rear doors. Nice touch!


Do it right, or don’t bother doing it at all; I always say!


Bold words, to live by!


I’m a bold woman.


I refuse to allow Big Adhesive to tell me how long a tape strip I want. Fight the Power!


I bought the the last time you recommended it a couple of years ago and I agree, it is an amazing product. We’ve shipped several hundred boxes using this and it works great. Tears only when you want it to, and is plenty strong once applied. It really is one of those little things that you appreciate every time you use it and is well worth the extra cost


I like the dispenser mainly because it keeps three inches of tape peeled off the end of the roll, ready to use. I’d waste hours dealing with finding the end on the roll, or waste time and tape folding it over every time.


Stick it to The Man!


Am I the only one who owns a tape gun?



It’s this thing.

It’s super easy to use, but it doesn’t generate any revenue. Sorry.