A test to determine the best masking tape

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His video on rust penetrators (store-bought and DIY) and bolt releasers was a real classic.

I worked at a silkscreen printing shop for a while. Bad masking tape would not only let ink bleed, but would also leave horrible sticky residue when removed. We ONLY used that blue 3m tape (which I think may have been rebranded as frogtape since then… I don’t remember the frog but it’s owned by 3M)

Similarly, I’ve switched from duct tape to gaffers tape. It’s expensive but soooo much better for all the random tape needs I have around the house. Easier to remove, lasts longer. Less nasty sticky residue. I get the white gaffers tape so I can use it to label wires and other stuff.

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This is the method we used in college:

When repainting the rooms in my house, I tried a half-dozen different types and brands of masking tape: 3M blue tape, Ace Hardware store brand, Scotch, etc. Totally agreed with these guys that Frog Tape is the best at masking off areas, clean removal, and not harming the surface underneath. It’s a few dollars more but 100% worth the clean paint lines you’ll be looking at for years.

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