Fiskars trowel for $.84 on Amazon


78c at Home Depot.

(Proud to be a frood who really knows where his trowel is.)


I can confirm the price, bought one just for the hell of it. With tax it was 90 cents

Yay Variable pricing! Your link shows $.97 at my local Home Depot.


Wonder what they’re using for my local store then, considering the nearest one is about 10,000 miles away from me. Shipping will probably kill the 19c saving, though. :laughing:

Buy don’t they normally seem to cost around a dollar. I mean, they’re only a couple of bucks in the shops over here and that’s including the Australia Tax.

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Says $4.39 for me.

Was just going to post the same. Weird when the link to the same at Home Depot is for $0.97

Has anybody actually tried the trowel? Is it single use?

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Price already jumped to 5.99. I’m not surprised. Awhile back when you posted the silicone death star ice cubes they jumped the price from $5 each to almost $10. The best part was they left the non-linked 2-pack at $8.99. Oh Amazon, how you do love to cheat me.

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Maybe up to five uses? It was an impulse buy for the boys to play Indiana Jones unearthing artifacts in the backyard. They broke in a few days.

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It would help to have sturdy flat trowels with straight sides… and a good sieve…

Lighter than a steel one.
Cheaper than a titanium one.
Commanded in the Bible (Deuteronomy 23:13)
Cheaper, more durable and more effective than other tools marketed for the purpose.
Important for the preservation of the natural environment.

What’s not to like?

More information in a feisty book.

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Same here. $.97 for me.

“Sir, you need a minimum of 7 trowels.”

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I have had this trowel and it’s matching fork for three years. I leave them in the garden. They work!

I wonder if it’s personal? Price goes down if they like you?

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