12-in-1 Stanley Multitool for $8


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Only multi-tool I need…


Ooh, ooh! I know this one! It’s the quality, right?


Gadgety go to fuck yo’self shit


Anyone have an idea as to the quality vs say a leatherman? My foundling leatherman is at the bottom of Tomales Bay in an unfortunate mishap whilst crabbing at night (possibly involving alcohol as well, but that jus rumors n such!)



Helen: Do you like my new dress, Stanley?
Stanley: Yeah, Helen. It covers your knees.


Oh sweet another thing on Amazon that displays as being able to shop to New Zealand until you put in your address at which point it freaks out and won’t ship to New Zealand for… “reasons”…

Getting pretty over Amazon not shipping anything if actuall want internationally any more.


uh… $8?
MY Amazon says $16
Maybe I’m getting by-zip-code pricing?





I’d buy a leatherman wave and never look back.


Yup! I got a Wave - it lives on my hip all day long.
But i was thinking of maybe getting a couple of these as gifts for my apartment-bound friends who don’t have a 1000 SF shop like I do. I was hoping it was robust enough to help fix a loose faucet screw and open a bottle of wine…


Without handling one, I wouldn’t trust a $8 multitool to turn a single screw or open a bottle of wine.


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Have it rust out on you after a month and a blade that can not hold an edge.


when squeezing hard, the plier grip edges bite into your hand, meaning the plastic grip is on the wrong side of the handles. the folding knife et al. should have opened toward the outside when the plier grip is folded like an ordinary pocket knife.


Same here… I search for that tool specifying “can ship to Australia”, it shows me one, then it I select it and says it doesn’t ship to Australia… so why show it to me?
For a world leader in cutting edge cloud software stuff that’s a pretty basic fail


I don’t know if I had this model but it was a Stanley and it looked similar had the same tools. Anyhow mine was probably around $20, so this is a value in that regard, but mine was also total shit. The pliers (probably what I used the most) were sticky and the cutting part wasn’t hardened. It deformed on heavy speaker wire.

Not a good tool. Maybe as a shitty gift to someone you don’t like.


I’ve got one. It’s junk.


I have a Leatherman Micra that I bought in the mid 90s thats still doing everything it is supposed to.