The Kelvin 23 Multi Tool is the worst thing I've ever bought


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A review almost as cold as the product’s name. Game over, man, game over.


But other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?


Well geez, of course you know you’re only supposed to use the Kelvin when you don’t have access to normal tools - for example, in an emergency.


If they ship thousands of 'em, it’s pretty much guaranteed “some” people will get a faulty one. The real question is how the company handles the return/replacement, and how many others have run into the same issue. Gotta say, blasting them to the point of saying “never buy this” from a bully pulpit like Boing Boing (unless they’ve already been jerks about it or this is your 2nd or 3rd attempt) seems kind of… mean?


Warning: Kelvin 23 Multi Tool may stick to certain types of skin.


Why would anyone think that a tool that combines a hammer and flashlight would work? Those are opposites - tool enemies.


Keeping with the day’s theme, hows it go as a butt plug? Do bits come off it at inconvenient moments? Would Donald Trump approve?


Could the hammering bit be glued back with a bit of sugru or a drop of epoxy? How about the other functions, is it as crappy with them too?


Sure, except that photo makes it pretty clear that for whatever else it is good for, it’s never going to be good for hammering based on that design. No exchange and returns policy is going to obviate the fact that it is simply badly made for at least one of its key advertised functions. This isn’t a case where a faulty unit fails unexpectedly. Two tiny brass screws can’t support the force of hammering into material stiffer than damp plasterboard.


This would, at very least, need an all metal body to make a serviceable hammer. Or at least a hammerhead designed to minimize shear while joined in such a way that compression is favorable to the joining method. Being joined obliquely at the corner is the worst possible choice.


What is it that the conventional wisdom holds about jacks of all trades…?

But yeah, this is a poor design such that there was never much hope of it functioning as a real hammer.


lol did you see how the “hammer” is held on with 1/16" screws drilled through a plastic seam.


Possibly not even screws. More likely some sort of poorly crimped rivets.

Edit: Saw the photo in more detail. It is screws.


Do not taunt Kelvin 23.


Kelvin 23 has been shipped to our troops in Saudi Arabia and is being dropped by our warplanes on Iraq.


Anyone who’s willing to market a flat bit on the end of a multitool as a “hammer” is probably not someone you can trust anyway. I think you would actually literally be better off trying to drive nails with a rock.


“The 23-in-1 multitool is everything you need… It features 21 handy tools…”


21 out of 23 ain’t bad. A couple of duds is still pretty good.


So it sucks as a hammer. Let me know when you’ve reviewed the 22 other things that it’s supposed to do.