Good deal on Titanium quasi-spork

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Oh thank God!


" It’s regularly priced at $15, but Amazon is selling it for $6.33 + $0.99 shipping."

And a small piece of your soul.


It does not look particularly useful as an eating utensil, and it’s certainly not as lightweight as the plastic utensils you can get for free from Wendy’s, but it’s a nice sized piece of titanium for project purposes.

Seriously. I started boycotting Amazon when it came out they weren’t paying their warehouses for all hours worked. Also the spork is 9.37 from Amazon not 6.33.

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I suspect the price discrepancy is due to Amazon’s "asshole pricing"policy. Like Uber and the airlines they use finely tuned algorithms to quote what they believe is the highest price that YOU personally will pay. Welcome to the 21st century.

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Looks more useful than a traditional spork, at least. I have to suspect that the popularity of sporks is mostly due to their funny name. You get an inferior spoon, and also an inferior fork. Not like one extra utensil would take up significantly more space, anyway.

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It’s more about one more piece of gear to lose/misplace/clean.

Thought: this in a stainless version could be made easily by cutting and welding together a regular fork and spoon. There are coated stick electrodes for stainless steel and, while expensive, a tack weld needed here won’t eat that much of them. You may also get away with regular silver/brass brazing.



The $6.33 one ships from China and won’t get to you for a month.

That is a good deal, probably less than the raw titanium is worth. But I like this style spork better, and made in America too.

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I have one of these, and while I like the form factor, I kind of think it makes some food taste a little odd.

Oops, our bad! That last batch was plutonium.

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One end to scratch your back.
The other to clean out nasal cavities.

I should keep one in the car for the drive to work.

Hmm…for a spork (not necessarily for this quasi-spork, which seems more useful to me) now I’m thinking of




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